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Lisa Alexander had her own show in one of the biggest photo shows ever—FotoFest! She was the REMI winner in 2018 at the 51st Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. Lisa N. Alexander details the personal and professional journey to become The Marketing Stylist™.  Lisa shares the challenges she faces in a male-dominated industry, and how she has built her business through intense dedication and a lifelong love of the creative arts. Family is central to her story — her husband is director of photography with the business, and together they have modeled their personal and professional partner for their children. Alexander has endured tragedy along the way, with the loss of her parents and the unexpected death of a sister. Her strong faith and supportive family have helped her emerge stronger, all part of an empowering and inspiring story from a true trailblazer. In this episode, Lisa shares her entrepreneurial background and some of the personal challenges she had to overcome. Listen in to learn the value of understanding that you always have a choice in everything that you do and in how you see things. You will also learn how to stop demeaning your work and instead start praising it to find success.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create your own opportunities as a woman in the design industry when none isn’t presented
  • How to be confident in the work that you do for it to be good for others
  • The importance of forgiving and fixing your problems with your loved ones for people have expiration dates
  • How to be a light that shines on other women’s business journeys
  • Keep in mind that you always have the ability to choose and to respond to things you see

"Joy is a choice and peace is a choice, you get to choose those. One of the best moments of my life is really coming to peace with who I am and my gift to the world. And really understanding that and being OK with who I am. I also realized that we are all created differently, we have different things that we share and give.” -Lisa Alexander

In this episode you’ll discover:

Lisa talks about her business Pretty Work Creative and some of their award-winning work [1:44]

How Lisa’s creative background as a young girl led to her love for the design process [5:39]

She talks about discrimination in the industry as a woman and a woman of color [6:32]

How she overcame her self-demeaning ways and became confident in her work [9:58]

Her background in graphic design and the support she received from her parents [12:17]

She describes being confident with whom she is as one of her best moments [14:38]

Lisa narrates the hard time she went through after the death of her mom and sister [16:08]

She advises people to fix relationships for the time of death is unpredictable [19:48]

She describes living and caring for grieving family as her most challenging time [20:35]

Why she’s motivated by helping women overcome challenges [22:28]

The best advice Lisa gave her son was to always remember he has a choice [25:25]

Learn to always choose joy and peace and not worry [27:54]

The owner of PrettyWork Creative LLC and PrettyWork Studios, Lisa Alexander is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and marketing expert. Through her consultancy work, she helps small business owners grow their operations with strategic marketing and branding strategies. She has worked as an art director, graphic designer, and marketing consultant over the past 20 years. She also developed her photographic eye over the years. Lisa loves helping clients develop their WOW factor for all their big marketing red carpet events.


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