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Pivot or Focus?

Ep. 144 - Caryn Kopp - How do you get your foot in the door to make that sale? It seems like you’ve tried everything!  But have you tried Kopp Consulting? Too often the process of opening new prospect doors receives minimal attention by business owners and salespeople in terms of time spent, consistency and strategy – three critical elements for prospecting success. Have you ever heard someone say, “When I’m in front of the right decision maker I close the sale most of the time. I just can’t get in front of enough of the right people!” Kopp Consulting provides an easy solution for this with the Door Opener® Service. In this episode, Caryn describes how she and her team represent vendors to get them in the door of executive-level decision-makers to sell. Learn the five planks of door opening success. Learn why you should pay attention to your mentors/ bosses to learn business or professional lessons and apply them in your journey. You will also learn the importance of having strong business development skills as a leader to grow your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should have a mentor to guide you and help you develop professional and business skills
  • Learning how to be even with things to be successful in business and career
  • The importance of developing your business during the pandemic to stay ahead of time
  • How to get help as a leader struggling on the business development side of things

"Don’t think of yourself as a woman; think of yourself as a business leader." - Caryn Kopp

In this episode you’ll discover:

How Caryn helps vendors sell more by representing them to executive-level decision-makers [0:52]

How Kopp guides and advises DEI consultancies to represent them get in the door [2:35]

Caryn describes the valuable lessons she learned from her relationship with her previous boss [3:36]

She talks about her passion for logic, which is why she made a business out of it [7:06]

She describes her calm and even with ease as her secret to success [8:33]

How Kopp Consulting focused on trigger moments during the pandemic to adapt [9:46]

How she started her business, how she expanded, plus the birth of her speaking business [12:41]

The five planks you need to perfect, to open the right door to sell [18:46]

How to attend Caryn’s webinars to learn more about door opening on Kopp’s website [23:07]

Why business development is the greatest challenge that leaders are facing today [25:23]

Why you shouldn’t allow your being a woman to get in the way of you being a business leader [26:32]


Caryn Kopp is the Chief Door Opener at Kopp Consulting, whose door opening services have had thousands secure initial meetings at the executive level in almost every major company. She is a bestselling author, nationally recognized speaker, and an expert in Business Development. She has held board positions for major organizations and has also received various leadership awards.

A best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker, and an expert in Business Development, Caryn can be seen in Inc., Fortune Magazine, Forbes, and Newsweek and has been interviewed on The Wall Street Journal Morning Radio Show.


Her webinars, “Biz Dev Done Right” and “Overcome More Objections, Close More Sales!” can be seen on Verne Harnish’s Gazelle’s Growth Institute. Caryn is also the Sales Messaging Coach for Scaling Up Coaches Worldwide.


Caryn earned her MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and her undergraduate degree from Babson College. She has held board positions for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), National Speakers’ Association (NSA), and Enterprising Women Magazine. Caryn is also a member of the Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO).


Kopp Consulting has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list for two consecutive years, was named one of NJ’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies, received the Stevie Award for Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year and named one of the 50 Leading Companies by Silicon Review. Caryn is the recipient of the SmartCEO Future 50, the Brava Award, the NJ BIZ 50 Best Women in Business award, and was an NJ BIZ Business of the Year Finalist. Caryn has also received leadership awards including the Top 25 NJ Leading Women Entrepreneurs, Enterprising Women of the Year (honoree in 2013 and one of the top 20 in 20 years in 2020), and the Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year.


She is also the author of The Path to the Cash!® The Words You NEED To Bypass Those Darned Prospect Objections. This is the Go-To Book for getting in the door with prospects. Her latest book, co-authored with Carl Gould and titled Biz Dev Done Right, helps business leaders, sales managers and sellers understand the blind spots in the sales process and gives critical strategies for getting Business Development right.



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