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Ep 152 - Surprisingly, even in the 21st century, women still face inequality at the workplace. But did you know that the digital space is today giving women the opportunity to learn intellectual skills and own their online businesses? Suresh Sharma is a former GE executive turned successful entrepreneur. He’s a passionate entrepreneur, technologist, and co-founder of Open Range Capital Partners. He actively advises research faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta as ‘Entrepreneur-In-Residence’ to help commercialize their innovations. In this episode, Suresh talks about the power of technology in empowering women and the future of industrial innovation. Listen in to learn why you need to be genuine, open to learning, and adaptable, and align your focus to attract the interest of funding investors as a startup founder. You will also learn the importance of being knowledge accepting, traveling, and having the ability to communicate.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to go after your entrepreneurial dreams at any age and the benefits of it
  • How we can use entrepreneurship to eliminate the state of inequality for women
  • Why you need to look for established founders for your startup to attract investors
  • How to transform your brick-and-mortar business by adding digital components and taking them online

In this episode you'll discover:


Suresh describes his personal and business background and how he’s driven by potential [1:15] 

Why Suresh believes that entrepreneurship is a way for women to gain equality [13:51]

How the digital evolution is serving women to be more empowered in the same way as men [16:43]

The different things that need to be done in the US market to create a better future [18:21]

The three important qualities you need to possess to attract Suresh to fund your startup [27:48]

How to pitch your startup to a VC as a woman founder [35:25]

How to utilize the available resources to individually commercialize innovation [39:14]

How women can create value and transform their businesses with technology [41:49]

Three things that Suresh advises people to adapt to and possess [48:31]

How to digitize and simplify your services as a psychologist [52:33] 



A former GE executive turned successful entrepreneur, Suresh has led a remarkably rich international journey of excellence to unleash the full potential of people and organizations through innovation, technology, global operations, strategy, entrepreneurship, and investments.

Over the past 25 years, he led game-changing business initiatives and was President & CEO of four startups creating several billion dollars of value.

He is a Fellow for Tech Transfer and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Georgia Tech.




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