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Ep 148 - Crystal Oakes gives us some of the best advice ever on branding your product, media, or whatever your business creates. The brand is the corporate soul. It is the overall personality and presence of the business. The key question to answer is "What's the one thing you want to be known for as an organization?" And then lets you know how to find the answer. In this episode, Crystal teaches in detail the meaning of branding and how to build a successful and memorable brand. Listen in to learn the importance of building a brand that completely relates to your customers and ideal customers for it to be successful. You will also learn the difference and relationship between personal branding and organizational branding.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of having a brand that your customers can find themselves in
  • How to shift your mindset and understand who your brand is
  • How to communicate your brand's message through the visual elements you put out there
  • The importance of giving your company a face by building your personal brand
  • Understanding the relationship between personal branding and organizational branding

In this episode you'll discover:

Crystal defines branding as the overall personality and presence of your business [3:41]

Steps on how to define and create a successful brand that people want to support [5:05]

Ways to thoroughly define your ideal customers and how you can serve them [10:24]

The art of falling in love with helping your customers to market to them [16:55]

Choosing your brand aesthetic- pay attention to what those visual elements are communicating [19:41]

Understanding the meaning of some different colors you can use on your brand [22:39]

Different places to show up for your clients and potential clients after revamping your message [25:14]

The power of representing your brand with your personal brand as the face of your company [28:00]

The importance of treating your brand as a living breathing 'being' [29:55]

How to approach your customers to come with you as you revamp your brand [31:29]

How to launch your business with just a logo plus a secondary logo [34:52]

Why little adjustments on your brand will work just fine regularly instead of a full-on revamp [38:19]

How to approach your visual branding by asking questions to your clients [39:59]

Personal branding vs. organizational branding [43:03]



Meet the creative mind! Crystal Oakes is an experienced graphic designer specializing in print or web media for small businesses poised for growth. Her in-depth understanding of business comes from growing up in a family of successful craftsmen, artisans, and business owners.

Her professional skills also include photography, event planning, branding, social media, email marketing, online marketing, and merchandising. She has vast experience in corporate global marketing and brand management in 22 countries in 3 continents and eight languages.


Crystal established her own business before graduating with honors from the University of Oklahoma in 2011 with a BFA degree in Visual Communications.





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