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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Ep. 71 - Betsy Muller is a self-described science person, with a degree in chemistry and an MBA. It makes her an unlikely advocate for the Emotional Freedom Technique, a form of alternative therapy. Yet as a master trainer, she's a passionate advocate about using it to help others recover from traumatic experiences and achieve wellbeing.

Muller credits the technique with helping her husband in his recovery from a traumatic brain injury and for being keeping her own balance while supporting him. This therapeutic technique is a critical pillar to her holistic business, where she helps people from all walks of life gain greater insight into themselves, their goals, and seek to heal from difficult life experiences.

In this episode, Betsy narrates how she got into Emotional Freedom Techniques, how she uses them on herself, and helping others through coaching and speaking.

Listen in to learn the benefits of EFT tapping as an alternative form of therapy for both emotional and physical pain. You will also learn about the signs to look for in isolated and possibly suicidal people and how to get them the needed help.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of drinking water and exercising to activate your energy
  • The importance of getting a brain injury patient to a rehabilitation facility for rapid recovery
  • Why you should utilize a professional to help you practice EFT to heal from past traumas
  • The signs to look out for people who are isolating and how to help them get treatment

"What I find is, women as they get to menopause age and above, if they have not faced those terrible things that happen when they were younger, those issues surface to disrupt their peace. I truly believe if you can go back and face it with a process that works very well and quickly, you can see it in a new way and gain wisdom from it and move on." -Betsy Muller

In this episode you'll discover:

Betsy describes when first she learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques [1:49]

How she teaches people Emotional Freedom Techniques both online and offline [3:40]

Tips on how to activate and restore energy for your brain health [5:05]

She describes her husband's cardiac arrest and brain injury experience [6:38]

How she used EFT techniques to be a better caregiver for her husband [11:59]

How to use EFT techniques to heal things that impact your confidence and sets you back [13:16]

The soft and technical skills you need to start and grow a business [17:18]

Learn to pick yourself up to overcome business challenges [18:55]

Betsy talks about her experience with a broken leg plus other of her good experiences [19:45]

The activities that allow her to balance work and life and sometimes combine both [25:15]

How she learned the idea of balance and spiritual side from both her parents [27:59]

She talks about her best moments and her fear of losing her husband [29:30]

Betsy advises you to take care of your heart and to check your emotional and physical pain [31:43]


Betsy Muller is a speaker and Master Trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), spiritual leader, and best-selling author who has helped thousands discover their full potential through life balance in action. She is a holistic coach who inspires and trains clients to work competently and ethically with a buffet of healing modalities, plus she's an expert in EFT as well as the many factors required to run a successful holistic business.

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