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Ep. 147 - Patty Lynn Wyatt - What would you do if someone walked into the room you were in with a gun and said, "I'm going to kill you all." That is exactly what happened to Patty and this was the pivotal moment that completely changed her purpose and gave her a passion and direction for her life. Patty Lynn is a highly sought-after professional speaker, business coach, and radio show host. Listen in to learn the importance of being self-aware and getting out of your comfort zone to pursue your passion. You will also learn the importance of listening to understand and networking to create a successful brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use a crisis to choose to be better and to shift your life
  • Learn to be self-aware in life and to develop a passion for something that impacts others
  • How to get out of your comfort zone and prepare for the battle of life
  • How to invest in yourself by journaling, visualizing your future, and affirming things in your life
  • Learn to just do it without expecting the beginning to be perfect
  • How to be a successful podcaster staying true to your brand and finding a reason to impact others

"Be true to your brand and keep asking, how can I help others? Because if you're doing it for yourself, you're on the wrong path. You have to do it for your audience." -Patty Lynn Wyatt

In this episode you'll discover:

Patty describes the tragedy that significantly shifted her life to want to help women [0:58]

How Patty was influenced by her mom plus the importance of having a life influencer [8:56]

How to use your voice to let people know what you stand for as you get in the arena [9:56]

She describes her success as having the courage to leave her comfort zone [11:46]

How she became a trailblazer by identifying people's pain and finding a solution [14:36]

Why you don't necessarily have to do things perfectly [21:50]

She describes her travel experiences plus attending the Global Leadership Summit [25:50]

She explains the different topics about relationships that she speaks on [30:42]

How she pivoted during the pandemic by making it happen differently [35:14]

She explains when and how she started her podcast from the era of 'internet radio' [37:27]

Tips on how to find your niche and start a successful podcast today [42:14]


Patty Lynn Wyatt is a freelance trainer. As a certified mediator, coach, trainer, podcast host, and relational expert, Patty has reached over 50,000 individuals covering topics on relational leadership, effective communication, and attacking injustice. She is listed on the GSA Schedule as a Relational & Leadership Expert Who Provides Learning and Development Opportunities to government employees and corporations. She can help you find a formula that can change your world.

She also has a radio show and podcast called GirlfriendIT which shares a variety of girlfriend stories. She says, "As women, we all are ready to take the mountain, but the journey can quickly be interrupted with feelings of inadequacy, shame or - "what now?" narratives." Her show has some great tips and thoughts to share with your girlfriends! And your spouse or significant other.

She has had many speaking engagements, including the Global Leadership Summit Cairo with over 1000 high-level leaders.


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