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. Ep.160 - Deepa Sarojammal

is the CEO of Reflections, an organization established in 1999. She has 23 years of experience working in Fortune 500 organizations improving their IT services. In her last position, she grew business units by more than 500% over five years, helping deliver quality IT services at scale. In this episode, Deepa shares her career journey as a woman in tech and how Reflections is helping small and medium-sized companies upgrade their technology.

Listen in to learn why automation is the future of technology and how it will impact businesses and job opportunities. You will also understand the importance of introducing technology to students early to expand the tech industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • How not to be afraid of taking hard tasks and take the opportunity to learn
  • Make technology a differentiator to connect you to the consumer and pivot during a crisis
  • The importance of finding collaborators to help take your tech business to the next level
  • How to start teaching students technology at an early age to pique their interest
  • How to get customer visibility with technology during the pandemic
  • The importance of finding a mentor to help guide you in your tech career

"Find a mentor in whatever area you think you need someone whose an expert in that area. Find a person you can talk to and form a mentoring relationship that works." -Deepa Sarojammal

In this episode you’ll discover:

Deepa on her career journey and how life experiences led to start Reflections [1:33]

The process of outsourcing for the right people to add to what you’re already doing [4:45]

How the business world has changed during the pandemic plus the steps to take to keep up [8:09]

Learning how to experiment with things before making the right decision [12:19]

Why Reflections is interested in working only with small and medium-sized businesses [13:44]

How to be agile as a tech company without wasting money [16:10]

The different tech mistakes you should avoid committing as a smaller or medium company [19:28]

Deepa on the challenges she’s had to navigate as a career woman and leader [21:53]

How she makes it a point to learn every day about new technology and stay in the know [26:49]

Why automation is the next big thing in tech plus the future of job in a technologized world [28:09]

How women are increasingly choosing careers in tech while avoiding leadership roles [31:35]

The efforts Reflections is taking to ensure students are taught technology from a young age [33:23]

What worries and doesn’t worry Deepa about tech development [34:53]

The importance of utilizing technology to connect to your customers during the pandemic [36:44]

Think of expanding technology in your business plus going global [38:21]

The qualities you need to move ahead in your tech career as a woman [40:37]

How Reflections adapted to the Covid situation and kept connecting with their clients [45:18]


Deepa Sarojammal is a passionate technologist and management professional with over 22 years of experience in the IT industry. She has a proven track record of building and aligning high-performance teams to solve complex business problems with innovative technology solutions. She strongly believes in servant leadership and empowering her team members.

Deepa took on the reins of Reflections Info Systems as CEO one year ago and has taken the company through a rapid growth path of over 120% in the past year.

Previously, Deepa led two large business units at IT services company UST Globa In that role, she provided services to Fortune 200 Banking, Insurance, and Retail companies in North America and Europe.

Now, Deepa brings to every opportunity with startups and mid-size companies her profound experience in strategy, delivery, business development, talent management, and P&L. Her greatest strength is maintaining the highest levels of customer intimacy and exceeding their expectations.



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