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Ep.156 - Gail Becker is the founder and CEO of CAULIPOWER, a food brand that uses the power of vegetables to make healthier and easier versions of food.  The idea of CAULIPOWER was born out of the frustrations that Gail had on the gluten-free industry since she couldn’t find gluten-free foods for her two sons with Celiac disease. She found hundreds of thousands of recipes for cauliflower pizza to make for her kids - and they loved it. However, it took forever to make and as a working single mom, she wanted an easier and faster option that was nowhere to be found. In this episode, Gail shares how she transitioned her career from corporate America to entrepreneur with no prior entrepreneurial experience. Listen in to learn why the current economic ecosystem is the best to start a business and be successful. You will also learn the value of utilizing your corporate skills in your business and having the courage to ask for help where you don’t know.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to spot a pain point in the market and challenge yourself to come up with a solution
  • How to define success as a business owner to go easy on yourself and avoid burnout
  • Why you should take advantage of the current favorable economic ecosystem and start a business
  • How to be confident in asking for what you don’t know to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Learn to stick to your business mission and run with it
  • How to be fearless and go after what you never thought you’d have the courage to pursue

"If people want to see more female-owned businesses in the world, there is only one thing to do and that is to support female-founded businesses." -Gail Becker

In this episode you’ll discover:


The different circumstances that led Gail to start CAULIPOWER [1:44]

Gail on how she hired people to teach her business, plus the Wholefoods program that helped her [3:53]

How she and her family are taking care of their physical and mental health during the pandemic [5:31]

The business logistics and manufacturing challenges she encountered especially during Covid [7:27]

How she defines success as an individual to enable her to go easy on herself [9:15]

Why now is the best time for you to start a business as either a side hustle or full-time [12:23]

The business lessons she’s learned that she would share with her younger entrepreneurial self [15:32]

How she utilized her relationship-building and marketing skills to build CAULIPOWER [17:24]

She explains how she found a VC to fund her business and the challenges she encountered [18:51]

Why she chose to use a manufacturer for CAULIPOWER rather than a commercial kitchen [21:20]

The importance of being flexible with any changes when it comes to a business plan [22:06]

Why CAULIPOWER’s business plan shifted plus how she identified the market’s pain point [23:05]

The future innovation and community service plans that CAULIPOWER has [26:26]

How CAULIPOWER draws inspiration from consumers to make meal hacks [27:46]

The different qualities you need to possess to be successful in your endeavors [30:56]


Gail Becker began her career as a broadcast journalist, worked in politics/government, and spent years as a senior executive in corporate America. The passing of her father led her to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps. As a mother of two sons with Celiac disease, she grew frustrated with the gluten-free industry and decided to do something about it. So she left her job and created CAULIPOWER.  Since launching, Gail scaled the company to over $100 million in less than three years and completely disrupted the food industry to become the #1 better-for-you pizza and #8 frozen pizza brand in the U.S.
At Edelman, Gail served as President of Strategic Partnerships and Global Integration. She began as GM of the LA office, which she grew to the market's largest, served as Western Region President, and as Chair of Canada & Latin America, where she tripled revenue. Gail also served as Chair of Edelman’s Global Women’s Executive Network (GWEN), overseeing the company’s effort to increase the number of women at the senior-most levels of the firm. Prior, Gail served as VP of communications at Warner Home Entertainment, where she spearheaded the global public relations launch of the DVD format on behalf of Warner Bros. and Time Warner, leaders in the development of the technology. Gail also worked as a political appointment at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services during the first Clinton Administration and served as a member of the national press staff and as the primary on-site satellite producer for candidates Clinton and Gore during their ’92 presidential campaign. Gail began her career as an on-air broadcast journalist in local news and ultimately, worked as a Washington correspondent covering Capitol Hill and the White House.


Gail also directed an award-winning short documentary film. “A Journey with Purpose” follows her nine-year-old son’s trip to Auschwitz with his grandfather, who was a prisoner there for four years. Today, the film is in the Facing History Library, a non-profit nurturing democracy through education.


Gail is on the board of the Friends of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation.


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