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Ep.158 - Elizabeth Hutt Pollard is the Secretary of Science and Innovation for the State of Oklahoma. She places a strategic emphasis on enabling science and innovation to impact health, commerce, and STEM education for the state. She’s also the executive chair of Applied Silver, a materials science health-tech company located in Silicon Valley addressing infection control and antibiotic stewardship. In this episode, Elizabeth shares her career journey in life technologies and the functions of the Oklahoma Pandemic Centre for Innovation and Excellence. Listen in to learn why you need a mentor to excel in your career and how to approach the right mentor or advisor for you. You will also learn what opportunities are available for you in the science and innovation industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to raise capital for your tech innovation through storytelling and leveraging a network
  • How to pick out the right people for your company in every one of its stages
  • Why you should educate yourself in finance and commercialization to increase your chances of getting into a board
  • The importance of having a mentor for personal growth and an advisor for professional growth
  • How to purposefully create time for your physical and mental wellbeing as a woman

"Know yourself and who you are. See the bigger picture, connect the dots, see what's happening outside your own world and how you fit into it. Also, keep a strategic mindset." -Elizabeth Hutt

In this episode you’ll discover:

Elizabeth describes her childhood and young adult life plus her love for science [1:42]

Her early career in science then moving up in life technologies companies [3:31]

Her move to Oklahoma and the events that led her back to life technologies in the public sector [6:31]

Some of the lessons she’s learned about technology working in big and small companies [10:45]

Where the idea for the Oklahoma Pandemic Centre for Innovation and Excellence was born [13:55]

The different opportunities for women in life sciences and biotech space [18:32]

Elizabeth’s recommendations to women who want to get into boards [21:40]

How to build your network with interesting people that might also find you interesting [24:05]

Elizabeth on continuing to learn from mentors and advisors to grow [25:51]

The difference between board members and advisors and how to approach hiring them [29:50]

The best way to approach a mentor and the qualities you should be looking for in a mentor [30:18]

The importance of self-care and making time for things that interest you [34:57]

Why you should lean into the disruptions and see them as opportunities [38:33]

Why you should build your curiosity and network to build your confidence as a leader [43:03]

How to manage impostor syndrome and let go of fear to achieve all your goals [41:40]

Elizabeth shares some recommendations for introverts to balance work and recharging [45:02]

She shares three tips that will help you grow your mindset [47:12]


Elizabeth is Executive Chair of Applied Silver, Inc. a privately held company addressing infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship in the health, athletic, and consumer markets. She has extensive experience bringing to market highly specialized technology and solutions for healthcare and the life sciences.Elizabeth is also the Secretary of Science and Innovation for the State of Oklahoma and serves as a strategic advisor/board director for many early-stage life science companies.


She has recently been named to the Global Board of YPO, the premier leadership organization of over 28,000 chief executives in the world.






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