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Renew Hope, Reignite Dreams and Release Potential for People Through Business!

Ep. 114 - Kristen Keen - How do you create a space for sexually traumatized women to find safety and know their worth and value? A place where women with human trafficking experience can feel safe helps with not only their healing and restoration but also serves as a great testimonial for others like them to find the same. Kristen Keen lived for 5 years in Kolkata India where she co-founded Sari Bari, a thriving business that gives survivors of human trafficking a way out of exploitation through employment. Upon her return to Jacksonville, Kristin started forming relationships with women on the street where she found that the problem of human trafficking was flourishing in her own city in 2012. She then founded Rethreaded, which is a safe supportive work environment where women can start a new career while experiencing continued healing through community. Listen in to learn about the grey line that separates prostitution from human trafficking that many people fail to see. You will also learn why human trafficking needs to be addressed from the supply and demand side of things in efforts of eliminating the trade.

Top Takeaways:

  • How the barriers of trauma, addiction, and shame affect women in human trafficking which makes them keep going back to their abusers
  • The self-esteem issues surrounding many women in human trafficking situations
  • The importance of restoration and healing trauma which negatively affects people’s lives and society at large

"Everything you do matters, and you can affect the world around you by doing simple things with huge impact." -Kristen Keen

In this episode you'll discover:


Kristin explains how her bad experience around the issue of sex drives her to help women know their worth and value [2:22]

She mentions people who have positively influenced her personally and professionally [3:26]

She talks about her two businesses, Sari Bari in India and Rethreaded in Jacksonville [4:46]

Kristin explains why human trafficking needs to be addressed from the supply and demand side of things [5:43]

She narrates the story of a woman who made her see a clear picture of what trauma, addiction, and shame does to a person [8:07]

The difference between human trafficking and prostitution [12:08]

She describes the survivor women she works with and where her biggest referrals come from [14:25]

Different stories from different women and how at Rethreaded they’re future-focused [17:18]

How mass production of masks has kept them afloat at Rethreaded without having to cut any women off during the COVID period [21:55]

She describes what she does for self-care and mindfulness [25:07]

Why unresolved trauma is the root cause of many issues in people and the country as a whole [25:54]

She talks about the slow down experience that led to her living life and loving during COVID [27:05]

Kristin advises young people to learn, build into themselves, and use that as they get older [29:24]



Working in partnership with the City Rescue Mission of Jacksonville, Rethreaded hired its first full-time employee in November 2012. Rethreaded’s mission is to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business. Rethreaded provides a second chance at life through employment for survivors of human trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida. Women have employment opportunities in different facets of the company including production, inventory, sales, marketing and finance/administration. Rethreaded also operates as a distribution company that sells products from like-minded businesses who also employ women who have found freedom from the sex trade.


Kristin Keen was awarded the “40 under 40” up and coming business leaders in Jacksonville and was chosen as one of Girls Inc. “Women of Vision” awards. In 2016 Kristin Keen was recognized by the Florida Retailer Federation as Outstanding Retail Leader of the Year.




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