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How to Reinvent Yourself

Tyra Jarvis Ep. 78 - Are you walking the path towards an extraordinary life? A life where you reinvent yourself and embrace change as it comes? During COVID, many people are thinking about doing exactly that!  Tyra Jarvis is a coach who helps people set up a "new you" and coaches how to reinvent yourself. She provides many "how to's" on her podcast. Tyra Jarvis is the founder and president of Kefi Coaching LLC where she works with individuals and leaders from all sectors to help them align their actions with their dreams to have more freedom, passion, and fun every day as a life reinventor mentor and coach. Her specialties include leadership development, business and executive coaching, and life-career transition.

Top Takeaways:

    • Having a passion for learning and a growth mindset to not want to retire and continue contributing
    • Learn to acquire and benefit from entrepreneurial skills no matter the environment you're in
    • How to handle the process of living with grief by being authentic and vulnerable
    • Learn to enjoy life as you go along and not take it too seriously

Listen in to learn how you can acquire and utilize entrepreneurial skills no matter your environment and circumstances.

"I think learning that the Universe is an intention fulfilling machine, that there is a spirituality that we all have, that you want to make sure that you are connected with your spirit is essential. And that you ask for the things you want, not the things you don't want because the Universe can't discriminate between those." -Tyra Jarvis

The Versatiling of Reinventing Yourself

Tyra Jarvis has had to retool her life many times. She's worn an array of hats: consultant, project manager, blue collar roles, and ultimately an entrepreneur.

Now through her company Kefi Coaching LLC, she advises business leaders in connecting passion, dreams, and the power of their mind to create a meaningful path. Transitions can be frightening, but they can launch powerful change.

Her toughest transition was the loss of her husband to cancer, a path that tested everything she knew and forced her to confront a life she didn't expect. During her journey she's learned to say yes, embrace change, and be real for others. Jarvis believes it's the path to an extraordinary life.


Tyra Jarvis is a proven leader with demonstrated professional experience built upon a 30-plus-year career in the "hyper-competitive" telecommunications industry planning and implementing enterprise-wide technology and business projects, and 10+ years as a volunteer leader with the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and Stand Up Placer.

She serves on the Boards of Stand Up Placer, supporting survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, and the Sacramento Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, supporting women to learn, play and enjoy the game of golf.


Tyra is also a co-author of "Teeing Up for Success," a compilation of insightful and inspirational stories from extraordinary women on how they have used golf to achieve their goals. She is passionate about lifelong learning, empowering women and girls, volunteerism, and playing golf wherever and whenever she can.

Learn the importance of vulnerability and authenticity when walking through the process of overcoming grief.

Key Moments:

Tyra explains how her transitioning and reinventing nature led her to help people unstuck themselves [3:16]

She explains where she gets her clients plus why she chose to work in retirement [5:14]

The challenge of her husband's illness and eventual death plus the importance of having better physical and mental health [9:47]

She narrates her childhood, the educational challenges she experienced, and the milestones she's achieved over her lifetime [14:07]

How Tyra learned to take opportunities as they showed up both in her professional and personal life [20:52]

She talks about the challenge of taking care of her ailing husband and later dealing with his death [26:38]

Learning to be open and honest when helping people which allowing them to do so too [34:50]

Tyra explains why she is proud of her quality of relationships and the independence she's cultivated over the years [36:24]

She advises on the importance of looking inside for the answers and choosing your choices [38:52]


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