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Ep. 167 - Shannon Martin, a young entrepreneur in her mid-30's, knows what it means to experience adversity and have to dream for better days. She has achieved so much success at a young age to have what she never had and could only dream of. Shannon Martin is a family nurse practitioner who owns and operates two medical clinics, Health ReLeaf, with duty for the supervision of healthcare providers, administrators, and ancillary staff.  The practice maintains two clinics serving residents of Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas with one clinic located in the north county (Glen Burnie) and the other in south county (Edgewater). She figured out how to leverage her academic experience and her early professional experience into a business with two medical clinics providing primary care services in Central Maryland. In this episode, Shannon shares her story of overcoming life’s obstacles and achieving her dreams through determination, plus her career journey and what she does. Listen in to learn the value of determination in overcoming adversity and achieving your long-term goals. You will also learn what it means to be a nurse practitioner as opposed to being just a registered nurse.

Key Takeaways:

  • The value of having a role model to inspire you to strive for success and a better life
  • How to be self-directed to reach your dreams when there’s no one else to direct you
  • How to be tenacious to overcome life’s obstacles and find success
  • Why you should consider getting the Covid-19 jab to protect not only yourself but those you love

"You don't have to come from a silver spoon background to do great." -Shannon Martin

In this episode you’ll discover:

How she was inspired young to become a nurse, plus her entrepreneurial journey [1:43]

How she was inspired by financially free family members to strive for success [4:15]

Shannon on her self-direction during her high school-college transition period [5:45]

Her Just Be Dope Organization and how it inspires young people to overcome their obstacles [7:15]

Why she credits her faith in God as the reason she endured obstacles and came out a winner [10:20]

The specialized treatment she helps different types of patients with at her clinics Releaf [12:45]

She explains what it means to be a nurse practitioner plus the demographic she caters to [17:06]

How she pivoted during the pandemic to ensure patients were safely treated [19:48]

How her clinic is preparing to start educating and administering the Covid-19 jab [23:55]

Shannon advises on the importance of considering getting the Covid-19 jab [26:42]


As a certified nurse practitioner, Shannon is an elite member of the national medical community with documented expertise and privilege to perform everything a medical doctor (M.D.) does, including the authority to write prescriptions, and only stopping short of surgery.

Somewhere along the way, Nurse Martin morphed into Entrepreneur Martin with the personal passion to alleviate patient pain and suffering by specializing in interventional treatment modalities to include trigger point injections, nerve blocks, electrical stimulation, and learning “all things medical cannabis in Maryland” and in compliance with all state requirements for licensing and dispensing.

As a medical practitioner, she provides comprehensive, evidence-based primary care services; educates and guides patients on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle habits/modifications.

Her mission to alleviate pain and suffering is extended to addressing the medical needs of clients with substance use disorders (SUD).  This finds her with the duty to initiate and manage Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for this client population.

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has upended the globe causing massive and life-altering changes to families, businesses, education, the practice of medicine, and much more.  Shannon Martin and Health ReLeaf have maintained their commitment to alleviating pain and suffering.  Health ReLeaf will soon execute a contract with the State of Maryland to become a provider of the COVID-19 vaccinations providing “friendly brown faces” and doing her part to reduce the vaccine hesitancy evidenced by the Black community.


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She was recently recognized as “2021 Top Integrative Medical and Wellness Practitioners of Anne Arundel County” featured on CNN Headline News, OWN Network, Bravo, and MSNBC.


She holds membership in the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and The National Society of Leadership and Success.

She is an active member of the women’s group, Queen Esther Society, at First Baptist Church of Glen Arden, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Her journey to a health entrepreneur began as a student and graduate of Bowie State University where she earned both her B.S. and M.S. in Nursing, followed by advanced studies and certifications earning her the highly respected professional certification of Nurse Practitioner.






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