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I am sharing with you my #1 resource that has made the biggest impact on my business this year! I joined Powerful Professionals and Kim Walsh Phillips and have gained the RIGHT business focus for me. As you know, TrailBlazers Impact brings powerful stories from women who have changed the world from small ways to big ones. Kim provided the templates, tools, and strategic thinking to get me on a track to financial success, all through my own offerings. Not by asking for donations. Instead, designing useful products to generate income on your own.

She is the bomb, and I will be letting you know, over a period of days, what the exciting offer is that she has for you! Her offer to join a challenge is free, and I will be there.

I want you to come, too, if you have a business or just want to generate extra income. Watch your email this week for more details!

Best Regards, Nan McKay, TrailBlazers Impact Interviews Podcast and YouTube Channel

BONUS! We will have our own Facebook Group which I will moderate where we can continue to share ideas throughout the course and on into starting and growing your business. I have a SECOND bonus for you during the event! We will have a Facebook Live one of the nights! Hope you can join register for this event! Email me for the Facebook group.

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