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Ep. 184 - Charles Bernard - Becoming a better and effective sales leader is every entrepreneur’s dream. Charles Bernard gives us some of the best and free ways to effectively list build and structure converting emails. Charles has over 20 years of experience in direct sales, sales management, and recruiting and training. He’s a former sales executive for General Electric where he was the top revenue producer in his division. He founded and operates Criteria for Success (CFS), a sales improvement training and Sales Playbook development company based in Manhattan. In this episode, Charles describes how to build a prospects list on LinkedIn and to effectively structure sales emails. Listen in to learn how to build a free and converting sales prospects list on LinkedIn as a small business owner. You will also learn how to create a sales system that allows you to focus on your business productivity rather than the internal negative self-talk.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to build a free sales prospects list on LinkedIn as a small business owner
  • How to have a system of selling that you focus on and not get hypnotized by negative self-talk
  • How to ask people for timely feedback upfront as a salesperson
  • The importance of incorporating anecdotal storytelling in your business
  • How to include an action in your follow-up email subject line to drive people into opening it

"People will buy if your talking about something they care about, and that is a challenge. The bigger the challenge the more they care about it." - Charles Bernard

In this episode you’ll discover:

The five areas of sales methodology that Charles uses with clients’ sales process [3:05]

How to approach sales prospecting through a successful targeting and list building process [4:44]

How to build a list for free on LinkedIn through a step-by-step process [8:34]

The new LinkedIn private email feature plus how to effectively email people using InMail [16:06]

The top five issues that most CEOs are worried about today with Covid [19:58] 30:15

Tips on how to approach email structuring for better reach and effectiveness [27:19]

How to keep people motivated by involving them and holding them accountable [30:14]

The four simple behaviors to practice as a B2B business practicing consultative selling [34:12]

How to structure and engage with a prospect email that is highly likely to convert [40:20]


Charles Bernard is CEO of Criteria for Success, a source for selling solutions that unlocks a company’s potential. Their unique approach to selling takes both a philosophical and mechanical approach to improving sales efforts. They work to change mindsets and procedures to assure optimal success.

Charles's goal is to improve the quality of life for all parties involved in the selling process, produce breakthrough sales results for his clients, and help people better relate to one another.

He is a founding member of Visage NYC. Vistage NYC is considered the premier Manhattan Vistage group for CEOs facilitated by Master Chair, Mark Taylor. This is one of the few Vistage groups that utilize the cutting-edge Triads facilitation structure pioneered by Mark Taylor. Participants become better leaders and deliver better results by refining their instincts, improving their judgment, expanding perspectives, and optimizing decision-making.

He previously was Director of Sales for NETLAN, CEO of Atlantis Vision LTD, and an Account Executive for General Electric.


He is the Board Director of Financial Women's Association, and a board member of CI - Code/Interactive.


Charles is contributing editor of The Nibble, whose mission is to enable fine food enthusiasts to explore the world of highest-quality, artisanally produced foods and beverages.


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