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Ep. 174 - Have you ever wanted to start an online business? Case Lane is an entrepreneur, a global writer, traveler, and observer to the future. She helps people achieve lifestyle freedom by fulfilling their dream to become an entrepreneur through her website, Ready Entrepreneur, podcasts, books, and courses. From foreign service diplomat to owner of nine businesses, Case has a formula for getting you ready to start into the world of entrepreneurship. Educated in communications, political science, business, law, and economics, she has lived and worked all over the world as a reporter, diplomat, and digital media corporate executive. Building from her interests in international relations and technology, Case envisions a next-century world where the essential battle is between the advancement of technology and the instincts of our basic humanity. In one of her book series, The Life Online series, the majority of people are non-technologists who have to learn to live and manage in a technology-controlled world that they do not understand. In this episode, Case explains how she started her online business and shares winning tips on how you can successfully do the same too. Listen in to learn the importance of pursuing different work interests that might eventually be beneficial when choosing a permanent career. You will also learn winning tips on how to choose, start, and grow a profitable online business.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to keep growing and expanding your career by pursuing different interests
  • How to prepare to persevere through all the ups and downs that come with being a business owner
  • The importance of forming meaningful relationships that might be beneficial to your business
  • How to align your passion and the possibilities available when pursuing online entrepreneurship

"Know who your dream customer is because that helps to set your priority. Figure out exactly who that person is, then that's the market you should go after." -Case Lane

In this episode you’ll discover:

Case on how she ended up in the exciting world of online business [0:54]

Why she kept on pushing herself to try and do different things in the corporate world [2:03]

The three different ways you can pivot and succeed as an entrepreneur [3:33]

When you should consider pursuing an idea or quitting your job to start a business [6:32]

She explains how she started her online business and the education she took to start [7:30]

How Case successfully promoted her new business using the “roundabout approach” [10:47]

The different inexpensive businesses to start making money online today [13:32]

Tips on how to outsource for help and find resources as an online business owner [16:05]

Things to consider and prepare for when getting into online entrepreneurship [19:49]

Understanding what you want to pursue as an online entrepreneur and what the possibilities are [21:09]

Case shares some tips to help you start and grow a successful online business [22:30]

The freedom benefits you get as an online business owner [27:04]


For more than a decade, Case Lane worked in Hollywood on the transition from physical to digital media and she saw firsthand the impact of implementing new technology on a workforce.  These tech changes are not going to go away, but if you have business ideas in your head and want to be an entrepreneur, you can be ahead of the impact.

You can leverage globalization and technology to your advantage, and use both to create your own business and your own independent life.  That is the business of Ready Entrepreneur – to help you make the changes you want, using the tools that are right in front of you.

Prior to founding Ready Entrepreneur, she studied communications, political science, business, law, and economics.  Her formal work experience has been as a reporter, diplomat, digital media corporate executive, and lawyer. She has lived, studied, and worked in ten different countries, and her travel list is rapidly heading towards 100 country visits.

Using one of her pen names, she created Case Lane World, to incorporate her ideas around helping you tap the power you have to be independent and self-sufficient in a changing technological and global world. She defined complications in her non-fiction work, illustrated through her fiction, and present solutions through her business development and entrepreneurial training.  For my fiction, you can find my Laker Taylor series of political thrillers the Life Online series of future tech thrillers, and the Ravencross series of romance thrillers, as well as self-help and spiritual books at all of your favorite ebookstore websites.


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