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Ep. 181 - Scott Omelianuk is a multi-talented guy who did not follow a traditional path He is the editor-in-chief of Inc. Magazine, brand builder, business leader, and consumer connector. He also runs a professional collective, does strategy consulting for startups, is an entrepreneur in residence at an incubator, and is a lecture at a research university. When his Art History teacher gently suggested he might make a better writer than an artist, he joined GQ and found his true passion, not as a writer, but immersing himself in business. He became active in TV and the growing internet and was even a TV host, producer, and partner as the creator of The Real Housewives of OC. Listen to how his career went from carpenter to editor-in-chief of one of the most famous business magazines. In this episode, Scott talks about his career experience, his stand on women entrepreneurs, and describes the power of brand purpose. Listen in to learn the importance of practicing resiliency as a woman entrepreneur to help you pivot in business. You will also learn the power of building a brand purpose that goes beyond your existence as a business

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use your career experiences to find your personal and business purpose
  • The importance of being resilient to help you pivot especially as a woman entrepreneur
  • How to create and understand a brand purpose that defines why you exists as a business
  • How to utilize the digital space and other tools to pivot and grow as an entrepreneur

"If your business is facing trouble, remind yourself how you got to where you are. Also, the tools that got you to where you are can be used now to get you past where you are." -Scott Omelionuk

In this episode you’ll discover:

Scott describes his entire career background going from a carpenter to editor in chief [2:12]

The importance of building independent teams and taking care of yourself as a 21st-century leader [6:30]

How to exercise empathy and emotional intelligence with all stakeholders as an entrepreneur [10:14]

Why we should draw inspiration from women all around us who are doing exceptional things [12:21]

Why women entrepreneurs need to pivot and exercise resilience to find success [14:33]

The meaning and power of brand and personal purpose in business and your personal life [18:08]

The brand purpose of Inc Magazine as a resource and a connector for people [24:37]

Scott explains how you can build a brand purpose for your business to keep you existing [25:52]

How to build a non-transactional communication and relationship with your customers [29:04]

Why making a positive impact over the course of his career is his achievement [31:23]

How the digital revolution has transformed entrepreneurship for the better [32:51]

Why the health and wellness industry is a great sector with opportunities today [35:54]

The action steps to take from this episode, plus Inc Magazine’s resources [39:18]

The importance of offering or seeking help when there’s a need to do so [42:40]


Scott ran the first true multiplatform brand, This Old House, spawning two PBS TV shows, specials, a Spanish language show, a magazine, 3 video-centric websites, e-commerce and mobile game vehicles, and other businesses that doubled audience and revenue before they packaged it all for sale to private equity.

Scott runs a professional collective, does strategy consulting for startups in media, meditation, mobile health. He is an entrepreneur in residence at an incubator, and he lectures at a research university on entrepreneurship and marketing.


Scott was named to the Ad Age A-list, received Ad Age’s Media Vanguard award for implementing the first user-generated content in national media, and for pioneering QR codes, digital video, AR, content marketing, and building a juggernaut lead generation business.


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