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Dear Trailblazing Women!

 Congratulations on your latest accomplishments!  As you move through your to-do lists, don’t forget to record your successes and even those glitches.  Your sisters, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and friends will want to hear how you climbed each rung.  After all, you are the role models who pave the way for them.  These women will benefit from the wisdom gained from your experiences and learn how to steer a course through the hard parts because you walked there first. 

When women think about memoir writing, they don’t necessarily include the roads to their success, leaving those stories untold.  We write about our parents, our school days, our personal relationships, but may neglect to mention the navigation required to achieve career goals. 

Keep a notebook and record your thoughts, your struggles, and your achievements---regardless of scope.  Every footprint can lead other women on the right path and may help them to skip through the obstacle courses.

You are leaders with many dimensions and your experiences are important to future trailblazers.  Grab a pen or a keyboard and tell your story!  When you record and share your past, you can inspire many futures.

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