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Ep. 189 - What does it take to pivot more than once? Michelle Moore tells us how she pivoted to a business that is entirely based on supporting women entrepreneurs. Michelle Moore is an entrepreneur who pivoted to business after spending years in senior corporate marketing. After 14 years of running a jewelry business from home, she is again pivoting to create a convenient and enjoyable way for women to partner with businesses and nonprofits that are committed to championing women.

Michelle is an energetic and compassionate innovator with a strong desire to expedite women’s equity. She harnessed this passion in the creation of ElleRate, a women’s review site that amplifies the voices and choices behind women’s spending power, in collaboration with the businesses and nonprofits that champion them, in return, through their products, services, customer experiences, and workplace and social responsibility practices. In this episode, Michelle talks about her entrepreneurial journey and the lessons she’s learned about running a successful business.  Listen in to learn the importance of educating the public about the value of elevating women in business. You will also learn how to approach the initial stages of a business by considering the type of business you’re starting.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of weighing in the advantages and disadvantages you have when starting a business
  • Why you should believe in the ability of your business succeeding to attract supporters
  • Stop wasting time and do what you need to do to achieve your dreams

"Not everyone is going to make it to the finish line with you because they have their busy lives. But, there are a few that knows what you're capable of and are going to be with you every step of the way." -Michelle Moore

In this episode you’ll discover:

Michelle on her entrepreneurial journey and the lessons it taught her about women and business [1:15]

How she’s helping elevate women voices and educate the public the value of women in business [4:35]

How she started her review site business from a place of strength and clarity [6:06]

Weigh in all the sides before starting a business depending on the type of business [8:14]

How downgrading and living a minimalist life enabled Michelle to finance her business [11:46]

How she funded the initial stages of her business, plus how she plans on funding the marketing [14:27]

Michelle on how she’s handling hiring to keep the business growing [17:16]

The pros of starting a business after kids are all grown up and building their lives [18:24]

She describes the loss of her father as her biggest life surprise and what that taught her [19:47]

The 3 lessons she has learned in life and business over her lifetime [21:12]

She describes the benefits she enjoys being an entrepreneur [23:06]


This powerful and unique platform gives busy women a fun, easy, and rewarding way to fund the world we want to see in exchange for up to 85% of consumer spending and 64% of charitable giving we drive to the economy.

Additionally, consumer and women’s professional support businesses and “WEOs” (nonprofit Women’s Empowerment Organizations) may take advantage of this direct line to their primary customers (women) through robust Showcase Profiles which work to earn more of women’s favor and financial support.

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Consecutive successes in strategic leadership roles that required tactical marketing communications, brand management, and personal sales expertise built the road that led to founding ElleRate. Michelle consistently excelled at creating, executing, and evaluating the performance of multifaceted initiatives and repeatedly exceeded companies’ objectives.

After years in senior corporate marketing, management, and nonprofit development roles, Michelle transitioned to business ownership, where she spent 14 years selling products directly to women and helping other women business owners thrive. During this time in her career, Michelle gained a wealth of knowledge about what women really want in exchange for their prized business, and what they need to feel equipped for success. She also learned the power of the women’s economy to lift all boats and the art of connecting women in the community. Michelle repeatedly witnessed women’s preference to support organizations that do good for the world and became inspired to create a convenient and enjoyable way for them to partner with the businesses and nonprofits committed to championing women and the things we care about. Enter ElleRate.


  • Created a one-of-a-kind women’s review site from scratch: drove site development and functionality, branding, messaging, and all elements of this start-up
  • Designed multiple, holistic go-to-market, marketing communication, and social media strategies
  • Over two decades of hands-on marketing and personal sales and management experience;
    annual recognition and awards for being among the Top 5% of National Retailers and Top 1% of Sales Managers
  • Earned three promotions within three years to ultimately direct a $25 million business unit of Whole Foods Market
  • Originated, built, and deployed a six-month, event- and activity-based sales incentive program for 180+ women sales reps, resulting in greatly increased revenue and 16 leadership
  • Developed an end-to-end business and sales module for a personally recruited team of 150+
    reps and taught system regionally
  • Routine keynote speaker at area and regional events for up to 1,200 attendees


Michelle received a B.A., English, UCLA, and an M.A., Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Colorado, Boulder.



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