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Ep. 204 - Leslie Andrachuk is an alpha woman herself and a role model for the empowerment of women in many ways! She used her skills and prior experience to start a business that empowers and adds value to women. She has a no-holds-barred, no subject-is-taboo podcast which she monetizes by expanding her brand and diversifying it to other platforms.  She is the Founder & CEO at Alpha Woman and the host of the Alpha Woman podcast. She has experience in digital publishing and marketing professional with a demonstrated history of success in digital content development, publishing, and measurement and conversion. Listen to her how-to secrets to success! Listen in to learn how you can utilize the value of interns by offering them opportunities and value in your business. You will also learn the importance of being cautious and taking baby steps when getting into a business partnership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have a clear mission and idea of the content you want to create when starting podcasting
  • How to have an authentic approach to the content you create as a podcaster
  • Why you should have a side hustle to support you as a new business owner
  • How to utilize the value of interns to grow your business
  • The importance of being cautious and taking baby steps when getting into a business partnership
  • Learn to take care of your mental and physical health no matter what as an entrepreneur

"Be cautious about partnering with anybody, whether that be on a project or a larger scale. Take tiny baby steps." -Leslie Andrachuk

In this episode you’ll discover:

How Leslie has pivoted over the years and is now helping women optimize their lives [1:14]

How Alpha Woman empowers women to be powerful and impact businesses and government [2:25]

Things to consider if you’re thinking of starting a successful podcast [5:40]

How to monetize your podcast by making it a brand and diversifying it to other platforms [8:33]

How to know your audience and cultivate your own podcasting community [10:02]

Business advice for anyone considering quitting their job and starting a business from scratch [11:09]

Leslie explains the importance of having multiple sources of income as a new entrepreneur [12:20]

How she used her experience in media-related fields to start a media company [14:00]

How she defined her mission, target audience, and developed a brand that reflects it [15:17]

She describes how she’s helping interns with opportunities as they help her grow her business [17:22]

How she prioritizes her interns through the zoom world to give them value [21:55]

Leslie on how listening to different women has allowed her to empower even more women [23:08]

How to intelligently approach business partnership to avoid regrets later [25:37]

How to take care of your health and get the necessary support as an entrepreneur [28:42]

She shares some of the things she enjoys as an entrepreneur and leader of her business [30:45]

Leslie on how she’s intentionally utilizing her time with the ones she loves [31:46]


Leslie is a bilingual, global digital publishing and marketing executive, having spearheaded digital at The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Global Television, and a number of global brands such as Vodafone and McCann Erickson.

In 2018 she founded AlphaWomanCo, a multiplatform media company with the mission to help women be their best physically, mentally, and professionally. Alpha Woman is a media company that focuses on covering female-run businesses and helping women optimize their lives for leadership.

Leslie advocates for diverse, female leadership in all industries and governments and is happiest when connecting with inspiring women and telling their stories to shine the light on others. She is passionate about changing biases that hold women back from realizing their true power and is grateful that at this point in her career she has the skills to make real change.



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