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Ep. 198 - Would you like to do something totally different in your life? Karlene Hibbert pivoted from nursing to tech marketing. She describes her expertise in chatbot and webinar marketing and shares some valuable business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Karlene is a funnel strategist and the Founder and CEO of Onyx Marketing Mix. She helps coaches, consultants, and service providers maximize their webinars by creating automated multi-channel marketing systems. In this episode, Karlene explains how she uses chatbots to help clients market webinars, plus her business tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. Listen in to learn the value of marketing your webinar with chatbots to increase your conversion and do it in a funny and memorable way. You will also learn the importance of specializing in what you’re good at and outsourcing for what you struggle with.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to make your chatbot experience memorable for your clients in a funny way
  • How to use your webinar to make your clients feel valued and build trust with them
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you start a business and instead learn from them
  • How to concentrate on skills that you’re best at and outsource for what you struggle with
  • How to market your services organically or through paid ads to get your first client as a new business
  • How to ease yourself into your business without completely leaving your corporate job

"It's okay to make mistakes, and consider it data. Also, consider it a learning experience. Allow yourself to have those learning opportunities." -Karlene Hibbert

In this episode you’ll discover:

Karlene explains how she pivoted from a nursing career to starting a business in online marketing [1:05]

How she helps her clients use chatbots technology to market and convert their webinars [2:19]

Understanding chatbots and how they represent your personality and business in the digital land [12:19]

Karlene on what you should and should not do when starting a business [16:37]

Why you should pursue what you’re good at and outsource for what you struggle with [21:00]

The factors to consider when hiring a coach to support you [29:30]

How she got her very first clients, plus some ways you can use to get your first clients [31:21]

Why you should just go ahead and start that business you’ve been procrastinating over [36:19]

Karlene on how she enjoys the freedom and other aspects of entrepreneurship [37:57]

Why you should start your business as a side hustle before completely leaving your job [39:02]

Karlene Hibbert is the founder of Onyx Marketing Mix, a webinar funnel boutique helping entrepreneurs increase their conversions without increasing their ad spend. Using the latest in messenger technology and email segmentation, she helps clients get more sign-ups, more attendees, and more sales from their existing webinars.

Her clients range from online marketing agencies to wedding educators, but one thing unites them all: they are looking to generate more qualified leads through their webinars.

Karlene’s deep knowledge of online consumer behavior and marketing trends allows her to build personalized funnels that engage and entertain audiences, simultaneously leading them closer to a purchase.

Karlene says, "If you had told me years ago that I’d be a Webinar Optimization Strategist, I’d have laughed until tears rolled down my face."

When she is not nurturing and optimizing webinar funnels, you can find her watching science fiction (she's a Trekie), watching films at the cinema, or taking long walks along the English countryside.



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