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Liderança Group provides a Collection of Unique Online Education Programs for Women to Drive Economic Recovery in 2022 and Combat the Growing Gender Gap in the Workforce. Sponsor a woman to make a difference!


In response to the rapid decline of women in the workplace, Liderança Group created a specially curated collection of online educational programs tailored to women. Projections based on economic scenarios developed by McKinsey and Oxford Economics estimate that employment for women may not recover to pre-pandemic levels until 2024—two full years after the recovery for men. Female workforce participation has already declined to 57%, the lowest it’s been in over 30 years. Without taking action, such as offering targeted and accessible training programs, there is a possibility that female labor force involvement could face its sharpest sustained decline since World War II.


“Not only does the drop in female participation in the workforce negatively impact the global economy, but it also unravels decades of work done to close the gender gap," says Cathy Light, Founder, and CEO of Liderança Group and 2021 Top 10 Women in Cloud Entrepreneur. “Additionally, multiple studies show that a lack of diversity prohibits innovation, resiliency, and significant revenue increases for businesses. We need more female employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders, not fewer. That need drove my team and me to create educational programs tailored specifically to women. We want to change this devastating narrative by helping women upskill and grow their business prowess, building both confidence and capabilities through accessible educational programming.”

The six female-focused educational programs offered by Liderança Group can help women feel more confident reentering the workforce, launching their own business, or leading diverse teams. Industry leaders and specialists have thoughtfully curated each program to encourage women to dream bigger and reach further.

Liderança Group’s Women’s Programs include:

Women Tech Training provides learners with the knowledge and skills to excel at current and future project deliverables. Technology is ever-changing. To find sustained success in the industry, one must continuously learn, grow, and upskill.

Women in Leadership provides convenient access to learning content that promotes the development of leadership skills for both established leaders at all levels and stages of their careers and aspiring leaders. The curriculum addresses the unique challenges faced by women in business.

Young Women on the Rise is a leadership program specifically designed for high school and college women who are soon to embark on their career journey. This program offers an overview of the business fundamentals they don't teach in school, from discovering unconscious bias to using performance appraisals to advance your career.

Diversity Collection: Embracing Diversity, Leading with Diversity, and Inclusive Leadership encourages participants to expand their diversity and inclusion knowledge and build bridges to trust, respect, and cultural understanding. This course will help women to drive real and meaningful change in corporate cultures.

Women's Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program educates women on becoming their ideal boss by turning their vision into a successful business. Entrepreneurs must wear many hats in today's digitized marketplace – sales, service, product development, finance, digital strategist, data analyst, marketing, and team leader. The specially designed Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program will give participants the experience necessary in each area.

Building Resiliency for Work-Life Harmony teaches women how to build more resiliency to face changes and challenges. The Building Resiliency for Work-Life Harmony Program will give you tools, techniques, and expert advice to help you manage change, stress, and your career and find calm in the work-life storm. Work-life balance is elusive. But work-life harmony is achievable.

“We need to come back strong in 2022,” says Light. “Many women have spent a great deal of time the last two years focusing on their families. Now is the time for them to go get or create what they want by investing their time and talents in what they love.”

Lideranca Group has over 25 years of consulting experience and specializes in modern companies' unique team-building challenges. With a track record of proven capabilities in Fortune 100, 300, and 500 companies, they are committed to making the world better– one workplace at a time.

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