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Hang on Tight!

Ep. 206 - Suzanne Tregenza Moore - Are you overwhelmed, trying to run a business totally on your own? Do you dream of the day you will feel you “made it?” Suzanne Tregenza Moore is the author of Hang on Tight and a strategic coach simplifying business and marketing objectives for entrepreneurs. She helps solopreneur women focus on bringing revenue into their business and focus on what’s most important to them right now. Listen in to learn how your willingness to develop your personality will impact your business growth in the long run. You will also learn the power of being in a supportive group plus delegating tasks to allow you to focus on bigger and more meaningful projects in your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have a financial plan before taking on the entrepreneurial journey to grow quickly and successfully
  • The importance of having enough time and physical and emotional energy to start and run a business
  • Learn to focus on what’s going right in your business rather than what’s going wrong
  • The power of being in a supportive group plus delegating tasks to allow you to focus on other projects
  • How to build working social media funnels that produce results for your business
  • Stop applying other people’s suggestions in your business without giving them sanity thoughts first
  • How your willingness to personally grow will impact your business growth

"There are no shortcuts to success. Recognizing that is important for yourself mentally." - Suzanne Tregenza Moore

In this episode you’ll discover:

Suzanne narrates her entrepreneurial journey, which started off as a side hustle [1:18]

Why she pivoted from a corporate career to a health coach to a business coach [3:39]

The financial struggles Suzanne encountered after pivoting to a new business without a plan [4:42]

Start your business as a less time and energy consuming side hustle before leaving your 9-5 job [5:30]

The two things to keep in mind for your business to find success while offering value [6:42]

The type of clientele she works with and how she helps them understand their ideal clients [8:57]

Suzanne on her journey to writing her book and why she went the independent publisher route [11:19]

How having a support system enabled her to focus on her book and other bigger projects [14:34]

Tips on how to make social media work for your business successfully [17:13]

Different ways to build an email list plus why you should only focus on the one working for you [20:36]

Suzanne shares three powerful pieces of advice to run a successful business [23:06]

She shares her biggest tip on offering value and doing things to succeed as an entrepreneur [24:58]

The Polka Dot Powerhouse – the women’s networking group that offers Suzanne a community [26:06]

Suzanne on the freedom that being an entrepreneur offers her [28:07]


Suzanne is the founder and strategic coach of Suzanne T Moore Coaching. She guides mission-driven entrepreneurial and small business clients through the steps of my Socialize Mesmerize Monetize™ system helping them build the business and life that they love. She was a marketing expert and life strategist for Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life Radio show, on New York's 970 THE ANSWER radio station. She was also a contributing writer to 24/Seven Magazine.

Suzanne works with women entrepreneurs who are marketing beginners or who have hit a plateau in their marketing and don't know what their next steps should be.


Suzanne has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship from Babson College, Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business.


In her debut book, Suzanne Moore shares with her readers that acceptance is not weakness but strength and that perseverance is an imperative quality for an entrepreneur. She shares with trademark honesty and vulnerability her entrepreneurial roller coaster ride and teaches:

  • How fear shows up and can derail your plans and progress;
  • The importance of understanding the driving force within you that will keep you going even when times are hard;
  • Why understanding your business values plays a crucial role in your long-term success;
  • That inner strength will be your saving grace when it seems everything has fallen apart;
  • The different communities you need around you in order to create success;
  • What leadership really is and what it isn’t;
  • The critical role that mindset plays in everything you do; and
  • Why celebrating your successes isn’t an act of the ego.



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