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4 Key Factors in Starting a Business

Ep. 212 - Monique Montanino – If you have been or are in a corporate career and have dreamed of retiring early, listen to Monique’s experience – because she did it. But retirement can get boring. So what else is there to do? If you’re looking to pivot by starting a business after your retirement, this is the episode for you. Monique retired early, did volunteer work, and later decided to monetize her skills as a career coach and has been very successful. Monique is a certified career coach and a former Fortune 200 tech sales executive. After she retired from corporate America, she started serving as a career consultant empowering her executive clients to reach their full potential within the tech industry. She also loves to write and travel and speaks four languages. She combined those and is now one of TripAdvisor’s top contributors. She also writes a blog and has written a book, Clicks, Tricks, and Golden Handcuffs. In this episode, Monique explains how she pivoted after retiring early and created a successful career coaching business aimed at serving tech executives across the globe. Listen in to learn the four most important factors to consider when starting a business to do it smoothly and successfully. You will also learn about the nitty-gritty of writing and self-publishing a book successfully.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of doing competitive research to understand a market before starting a business
  • Find a mentor in your area of business to help you in the journey of starting a business
  • Why you need to seek experience through internships, volunteering, or consulting in the industry you’re interested in starting a business
  • The importance of having a planned business case months before you start a business
  • How to be financially prepared for both your new business and personally
  • The importance of having a business website, and specifically targeting your ideal client where they hang out
  • Learn to establish deadlines and take risks in your business to scale it higher

"If you're going to pivot as an entrepreneur, do your research, get some experience and harness your social media. Whether you have a service-based business or a product-based business." - Monique Montanino

In this episode you’ll discover:

Monique describes her corporate career and how she pivoted into business after retiring early [0:52]

How she helps tech executives with their major career decisions in Seattle, Austin, and globally [2:45]

The different lessons Monique has learned during her pivoting journey [5:02]

The 4 factors to consider before starting a business [9:02]

She explains how she prepared herself financially to support her new business [13:44]

The tools that enabled her to run her business smoothly from across the globe [15:06]

How to blog on LinkedIn to target your ideal client and use the platform as your lead source [18:13]

How she has automated tasks in her business without having to hire additional staff [22:43]

How she uses Amazon’s STAR method to coach people on their response during interviews [24:51]

Monique’s passion for global travel and why she’s TripAdvisor’s top contributor [27:01]

The process of writing a book and the shockers you’ll get when publishing a book [29:00]

The importance of establishing deadlines, taking risks, and utilizing social media in your business [35:23]

She explains the importance of pricing especially for female entrepreneurs [38:23]


Monique is a certified career coach for technology executives. She helps them land their next big impact role. Her clients have included a Microsoft GM, Director at AWS, and CPO at a startup. A collaboration with a former Intel GM and Accenture partner paved the way for him to become a cloud startup CEO. A former client went from being a Microsoft Director, accepting a job at AWS, and within 3 months, he received a better equity offer at an e-commerce startup.

As a career strategist with 20 years of Fortune 200 staffing experience, she has conducted 1,350 resumé critiques, held 700 coaching sessions, and executed more than 350 LinkedIn profile makeovers.


Monique is a mentor and ambassador for the WomenTech Network. She is on a mission to unite and celebrate 100,000 women in tech. She joined as a community member, ambassador, and was selected as a mentor! The mentoring program aims to inspire the next generation of tech leaders. As a member of the WomenTech Network, she gets to learn about diversity & inclusion, develop her leadership skills, and expand her network.

Monique is also a career advocate, consultant, and mentor for Dress for Success. In this role, she collaborates with women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Her third volunteer endeavor is as a Legislative Advocate for the Arthritis Foundation. She does fundraising and serves as a legislative advocate exposing health and economic impacts related to arthritis.

If that weren’t enough, we have to add one more. She serves as an advocate and former career consultant for Uplift Northwest. She is an advocate for a charity helping those experiencing homelessness, unemployment, and underemployment get placed in temporary and permanent jobs, as well as provide the vital support services they need to be successful at work, including meals, showers, laundry, vision care, and housing.


Monique holds a Master of Business Administration from St. Mary’s University with a specialty in Marketing Research.



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