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Ep. 215 - Tracy Killoren Chadwell is an experienced venture capital investor and attorney. She’s also a leader and a sought-after speaker within the community of women founders, innovators and entrepreneurs, including giving testimony before a U.S. Senate Committee. In this episode, Tracy explains her career difficult journey to becoming a female capital investor and the types of investments she’s made as a fund owner. Tracy Chadwell shares her knowledge on where female founders should be looking to invest and successfully fund their businesses. Listen to learn about the group that currently holds the purchasing in America and why you should be targeting them. Listen in to learn how to utilize the internet and social media as a female business owner to be on the same playing field as your male counterparts. You will also learn about the financial and purchasing power of women above 50 and why they should be the group your business targets.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to let go of your fears and walk towards your dreams even when the road gets bumpy
  • Why you should consider other financial options to fund your business other than venture capital
  • Invest in women micro-influencers ages 50 and above since they hold the purchasing power
  • How to build partnerships by reaching out and nurturing the relationships closest to you
  • The importance of taking care of yourself and getting your financial house in order

"It doesn't matter where you're on your journey in life or your financial resources, there is always something that we can do as women, to support other women." - Tracy Killoren Chadwell

In this episode you’ll discover:

How Tracy transitioned from law practice into the financial world before starting her won fund [1:54]

How she feels she’s empowered women by investing right and starting a venture capital [4:37]

How women can support their causes as we move towards being the primary wealth managers [7:44]

She describes some of the challenges she has faced in her career and the lessons she learned [9:19]

The importance of allowing women to choose their life and or career while being respected [11:20]

How a Dove commercial finally set Tracy on the difficult journey of starting a venture capital [12:57]

The positives and negatives of Coronavirus plus the technology accelerations we’re seeing [15:42]

The power of the internet in leveling the playing field for women to start businesses [17:17]

She describes the types of businesses that her venture capital funds [18:39]

When to and when not to seek out venture capital to fund your business [22:07]

She explains how her fund’s name 1843 came by and why that particular one [23:59]

The vitality and financial opportunities in silver tech now and in the future [25:30]

The dos and don’ts when planning to invest in software for the senior citizens demographic [28:59]

The purchasing power held by women above 50 years in this country and the value of it [35:02]

Tracy shares some of the things she incorporates in her routine to help her age gracefully [36:48]

Learn to follow your dreams and fulfill your purpose while doing good [38:47]

She explains how to approach selling a software product and partnerships in the tech industry [39:40]

The power of women supporting in all sectors of business [44:25]


Tracy has over fifteen years experience in venture capital and private equity. She has five years of experience investing in early stage companies with a female founder through her personal entity Coyote Capital.

Tracy Killoren Chadwell is the Founding Partner of 1843 Capital.  Tracy is the founder of 1843 Capital.  Notable investments include early investments in Beautycounter (Exited: $1 Billion valuation), Tempo Automation, HopSkipDrive and May Mobility. She is a leader and a sought after speaker within the community of women founders, innovators and entrepreneurs, including giving testimony before a U.S. Senate Committee. She has been a speaker for the Nantucket Project, MIT and TEDx NYIT.

Tracy was a Partner of a growth capital fund – Baker Capital which had more than $1 billion under management. She was also a VP at Robertson Stephens.


Tracy was named to the inaugural Forbes “50 over 50” list and one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s inaugural “100 Powerful Women,”

Tracy says of her 50 over 50 Forbes award, "A person's age or sex should have no bearing on their ability or confidence to build a business (or anything else). I am hoping that highlighting the work of these incredible women and their accomplishments after 50 will go a long way in inspiring all people."

In 2018, Tracy received the Moffly Media Award for Women’s Business Advocate.


Currently, she serves on the Super Connector Board of Aging 2.0 and as an Advisor to UBS Project Entrepreneur.

Tracy has a broad network in the female founder community. She serves on the Board of Marstone, and Sachs Insights, she also proudly serves on the Advisory Boards of both the New York Institute of Technology and the MIT Enterprise Forum, is an Executive Advisor for the Echoing Green Foundation and a Mentor for the BIG Accelerator, Monarq and Techstars KC.

Tracy brings a deep Greenwich network and a wealth of early stage funding knowledge and connections to the Woman Owned Greenwich Steering Committee


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