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Ep. 218 - AlissaBeth Jane Morton is a very talented singer and dancer I met while she was performing on the Azamara Pursuit cruise ship. We talked about what led her to perform on a cruise ship. She has done over 100 stage shows in her life. Take a look at her Reels to see the depth and breadth of her talent. In this episode, Alissabeth describes her career journey, the different shows she has performed, and her hopes for the future. Listen in to learn how musicals paved way for dancing having a voice in musical theatre and how it changed the musical theatre scene. You will also learn the importance of being yourself and pursuing your dreams as your authentic self.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to turn your talent and passion into a full-time career/business and find joy doing it
  • Join training programs to help prepare you for a career in what you love doing
  • How to turn your grief into an outlet of helping others overcome adversities

""Be yourself. If everyone was the same it would be boring. One day you will find people who appreciate you for who you are." - AlissaBeth Morton

In this episode you’ll discover:

Alissabeth on why Azamara Pursuit shows are her best yet, plus her singing and dancing passions [1:25]

How she has translated her talent and passion for stage performing to a paying business [5:58]

A step-by-step guide on how to have a musical theatre career like Alissabeth’s [10:39]

The challenge of friendships withering away when focusing on the business side of her career [12:30]

The other roles she’d like to dive into as she gets older plus other things she’s done [13:36]

Why moving to New York and developing her own show are her two success stories [16:35]

The different agencies responsible for hiring performers on cruise ships [18:04]

How she overcame her ex-boyfriend’s committing suicide and now help others in the same boat [20:53]

How social media is contributing to comparison and suicide issues in younger people [21:46]

Advice on why you should be yourself plus how to help people with suicidal thoughts [23:00]

She talks about her dreams and hopes as her career grows [24:04]



AlissaBeth knew she had to perform from the moment she first watched CATS on her VHS tape. MEOW!



She is very passionate about performing, and she studies piano, dance, acting, guitar, and vocal performance. She has performed in HairSpray, A Chorus Line, The Producers, and Bullets over Broadway.





AlissaBeth earned her BFA in Musical Theatre with a minor in dance performance from Oakland University. She then moved to the city and has started living her best performance life aboard the Azamara Quest and Pursuit as a singer/dancer.








AlissaBeth Jane Morton Dance Reel 2021 

AlissaBeth Morton Concert

Sizzle MT Reel


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