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Ep. 221 - Suzanne Webb started her career in healthcare at Universal Health Services more than 3 decades ago. She is the founder of Exclusive Surgery Solutions, a surgery benefit for self-insured employers that focuses on offering a bundled surgery product. In this episode, Suzanne talks about the do's and don’t's of healthcare insurance by employers and the benefits of using a surgery benefit like Exclusive Surgery Solutions. Listen in to learn the importance of using the Ambulatory Surgery Center as a patient to avoid infections like Covid during surgery. You will also learn how to plan and prepare for an exit strategy that also benefits your clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to pivot your business during a crisis to remain relevant
  • Ensure your quality healthcare by checking your doctor’s certification and a hospital’s infection rate
  • Stop fully depending on health insurance brokers and accepting what they tell you as an employer
  • How to make the right decision for yourself and clients when planning your exit strategy
  • The importance of attending as many trainings as you can to become an expert in your field of business

"Whatever industry you're in, learn as much you can, and you will be an expert." -Suzzanne Webb

In this episode you’ll discover:

Suzanne on the beginning of her career at Universal Health Services [0:58]

Why she started exclusive surgery solutions as a network of board-certified surgeons who get paid better [2:08]

How Suzanne aspires to help surgeons get paid better and patients get quality healthcare [3:48]

The things she has learned about being an entrepreneur in the healthcare space [9:40]

She explains how they had to pivot during Covid to survive even as business was going down [12:00]

Why you should consider the ambulatory surgery centers over hospitals to avoid Covid infections [13:07]

How technology is evolving healthcare to become home-based in the long run [16:04]

Factors to consider as an employer when getting health insurance for your employees [18:04]

The steps to take to ensure you and your loved ones get quality healthcare with insurance [20:15]

How to approach healthcare insurance for your employees as a small business employer [23:17]

Why you should avoid the mistake of fully depending on insurance brokers as an employer [26:20]

The exit mistake she made and how to avoid making it when selling your business [30:08]

The patterns and strategies she’s placed in her current business to stay ready for an exit [32:44]

Tips on healthcare insurance and business from an expert’s point of view [34:10]

Suzanne’s final words of advice to take away from the conversation [37:50]


Suzanne Webb has worked in the Healthcare Industry since 1988. She has worked for hospital groups and later as CFO for hospitals. She learned the inner workings of the insurance industry and how they work.

Over the past 15 years, she with her husband Kelly owned a medical billing company that focused on Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s) and surgeons. Over the years, the relationship between the surgeon and the patient has changed. It’s all about what the insurance carrier wants NOT the Physician.

They are connecting vetted surgeons (over 21 inspection criteria) and then vet the Ambulatory Surgery Center to verify that it has a low infection rate. Imagine going to and picking the best surgeon and safest environment for you or your family.


Suzanna is the Founder of the Love Thy Neighbor Foundation. This charity provides surgeries from Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, LLC providers to veterans and 1st responders, police officers, ambulance workers basically the people that protect our Country. We are always fundraising, and most of the funds come from a percentage of revenue from Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, LLC.


Suzanne has pursued her education in Accounting and Finance at BYU, Villanova, and Liberty University.





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