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Are you harboring fears that are stopping you from pivoting to your passion? Robin Brewton explains to us how she overcame her fears and took an entrepreneurship leap and is now making a difference. Robin Brewton is in the early stages of her pivot to becoming an executive coach and describes herself as being an interior designer for businesses. She spent 20+ years in human resources and the operations side of the business in both big and small businesses. In this episode, Robin shares her pivot into entrepreneurship, how she’ll be helping business owners, plus some of her success tips. Listen in to learn why it’s important to pre-plan your personal and business finances before starting a business. You will also learn how to overcome your failure and financial fears as a female entrepreneur and instead think of how you can succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find your passion and run towards it instead of running away from your job just because you’re miserable
  • Overcome your financial fears by starting your passion as a side hustle first before you’re comfortable leaving your job
  • How to create and test a viable proposition as your first step towards starting a new business
  • Learn to ask for help but be careful whom you ask help from to be successful in business
  • Learn to be kind, encouraging, and a mentor for others because kind beats smart
  • Reframe your fear of failure and rethink how you can succeed doing what you’re passionate about

"Reframe your fear of failure, and think about it in terms of what if you succeed wildly. If you're doing what you're passionate about, how can you fail?" - Robin Brewton

In this episode, you’ll discover:

How Robin’s 20+ years career in HR and COO positions in different businesses inspired her pivot [1:08]

How she’ll be helping small businesses figure out their operational problems [2:28]

How she plans on helping small businesses drive their marketing through social media [3:55]

When she decided to leave her job plus her advice to anyone with similar thoughts [5:13]

Her financial advice to those planning to go their jobs and start businesses [7:29]

Robin on her first steps to starting a business plus why her business is referral-based [10:19]

How she’s approaching price packaging considering she’ll be working with small businesses [13:10]

A step-by-step onboarding process that she takes her client through to find a solution [14:24]

The Jonathan project – Robin’s volunteer brand [15:51]

The three most essential success lessons that Robin has learned over the years [17:55]

How to overcome your fear of failure as a woman and instead rethink how you can succeed [20:27]

Robin on how she’s enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being an entrepreneur [21:40]

How not to be afraid of making that leap and doing what your heart truly desires [24:22]


Founder and CEO of Strategy Mosaic LLC, Robin Brewton describes herself as an “interior designer” for businesses. With more than 25 years of C-level experience in Operations and Human Resources, Robin helps businesses hone their organizational structure and effectiveness. Robin believes that, just as the right accouterments make a room, the right people, processes, and policies (her 3 Ps) make a successful business. Robin has served in executive roles at Wells Fargo, Cox Communications, and Time Warner, and is an award-winning leadership development consultant and certified executive coach.

Prior to Strategy Mosaic, Robin was CEO of Carson Wealth-Southwest where she provided executive leadership in Operations, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, and Production Support for a firm of 50 employees managing $1.2 billion in AUM across six locations.


In her personal volunteer consulting practice, she is committed to furthering the goals of small businesses not yet able to afford fees. In her latest endeavor, The Johnathan Project, Robin works with start-ups to develop their 3 Ps and position them for growth. She has helped a start-up gift meal delivery service, a botanical skincare company, an independent wealth management firm, and an exotic game-hunting ranch.


Robin holds a master's degree in communication studies and a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, both from Texas Tech University. She attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Human Resources Program.





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