When Kindred Spirits Unite to Empower Women Entrepreneurs


Have you ever had the experience of being interviewed by a kindred spirit? When Nan McKay, founder of TrailBlazers Impact Interviews, interviewed me for her podcast, that’s what I experienced. – JOYCE FEUSTEL

I am grateful to Joyce for a fun interview. She is a guru for all of us on LinkedIn, but especially us Boomers that struggle with social media. – NAN MCKAY

Nan and Joyce are both business owners with a passion for empowering women entrepreneurs, especially those 50 and over.

Nan McKay’s Interview with Joyce Feustel, Baby Boomer Specialist

Joyce Feustel is the founder of Boomers' Social Media Tutor where she makes social media simple, easy and fun. She helps business owners become more effective and productive on LinkedIn and Facebook by providing them with social media training and tutoring. Being a trained teacher back in the 1960s and 70s, she has always enjoyed helping someone to master a new concept.

If you’re looking to start your own business and you’re a social media newbie, these are the key takeaways from Joyce’s episode - “How to Help Boomers Become Social Media Savvy.”
• The importance of focusing on one or two social media platforms when starting depends on where your audience is.
• The interesting aspect of the Clubhouse platform that is helpful for business owners.
• How to combine energy and time management to achieve a balance between work and life.
• How to be a leader versus a manager as a small business owner.

Learn more about the episode on the TrailBlazers Impact Interviews website: https://trailblazersimpact.com/2021/12/how-to-help-boomers-become-social-media-savvy-joyce-feustel/

Watch the full episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXAltrulbZY&t=5s

How can Nan and Joyce help you?

Joyce Feustel coaches business owners and job seekers, especially those 55 and up, to be more effective and productive on social media, especially LinkedIn. Her services include private tutoring sessions and group/team training.

You can find Joyce at www.boomerssocialmediatutor.com

Nan McKay focuses on providing inspiration and tools for women age 50 and older who want to start a business. She launched TrailBlazers Impact Interviews Podcast, where women and men share their secrets to success – and their heartaches – in extraordinary stories. She has interviewed over 100 business owners.

She has also developed a webinar and course geared towards women who want to start their own business. Her book, “Gold in the Golden Years: The Definitive Guide to Ensuring You Never Run Out of Money” is coming out soon.

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