Black History TrailBlazers #8


Black TrailBlazers Making History

Jatrice Martel Gaiter - Nat'l Nonprofit & International NGO Executive

Ep. 78 - Jatrice Martel Gaiter is @MsNonprofit; a proven expert in nonprofit management and government affairs having earned multiple academic degrees from leading universities with personal and family roots in the "deep south of the 1950s-60s".   With decades of nonprofit management, she is nearing 15 years as the Executive Vice President for External Affairs with Volunteers of America, Inc., the 4th largest developer/owner of affordable housing in America.  Jatrice is one of a handful of women named Washingtonian of the Year and Women Who Mean Business by the Washington Business Journal.   She has the additional distinction of becoming a national charter member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., in 1981, and serving as the first national financial secretary for four years.

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Gina Goree Hitchens - Entrepreneur

Ep. 68 - Gina empowers women with financial skills and knowledge to prepare for the uncertainties of life. She believes in getting to know her clients and helping them develop a vision for the future, such as retirement and how to provide a financial legacy.

Gina is the Past President of NAWBO Greater Detroit.

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Andrea Campbell - Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Health Professional, Author

Ep. 83 - Andrea Campbell helps others gain perspective, discover their identity, and explore the world of opportunities still to come, while reminding clients and friends that you, too, can build a stronger level of commitment to achieving your goals at a faster pace. Andrea's book, God Never Wastes a Hurt: 3 Steps to Move from Pain to Purpose, is available on our SHOP page. When you face the trials of adversity, moving forward and rediscovering true happiness can seem impossible. If you are ready to push past the pain and start living the life you deserve, be inspired by the words of Andrea Campbell in God Never Wastes a Hurt. As a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and life coach, Andrea Campbell is the voice you need to take you on your journey from ordinary to extraordinary and start living your life on purpose.

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Antonio McGinnis - Executive Manager, Non-Profit-Government

Where you come from should not define who you become. From growing up in Public Housing to becoming an international basketball star, Antonio McGinnis was recently named by as one of the top 25 Athletes in Butler High History. His first published book is called "The Game is Deep" and it's geared to help athletes, parents, coaches, and fans deal with the stresses that come with playing basketball. His second book "Life In The Bricks" chronicles his life and his three brothers as they fought to make it out of one of the toughest public housing communities in Huntsville, Alabama.
Tony is now giving back to his roots serving as Executive Director of the Huntsville Housing Authority. In 2012 he was inducted into the Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame and in 2013 he was inducted into the Huntsville Madison County Sports Hall of Fame. In 2012 Tony was named Young Professional of The Year by the Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

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May Snowden - Activist DEI, Entrepreneur, Purse Power

Ep. 162 - May Snowden is on the cutting edge of addressing diversity and inclusion. She is an independent diversity and inclusion strategist, consultant, educator, facilitator, speaker, and executive coach. She has more than 20 years of experience and insightfully creates and leads initiatives that strengthen corporate cultures and brand identification while improving relations with customers and vendors. In this episode, May talks about how corporations and small businesses can create a diverse and inclusive leadership environment.

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