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A Call to Action as it is used in marketing is a phrase or sentence that is designed to get your audience to do something – take an action that you want them to take such as clicking on a button or a link.

Where does the Call to Action lead? It can take your audience to the next step in the selling process such as from the content to a landing page that offers them something of value such as a lead magnet.

The Call to Action must be specific enough to get your audience to take the action – and know exactly what they are clicking on. The Call to Action must be compelling and urge them to action.

Start what the question, “What do you want your audience to do?” Do you want them to get a lead magnet so you obtain their email address? Do you want them to watch something like a video or buy something? Circle back into their pain point. What problem are you solving for them?

This Wordstream blog site will give you some ideas on content and wording - and many other interesting and helpful articles!

When you are writing a Call to Action, start with a verb that will peak the interest of your audience.


I am a client of Russell Brunson's ClickFunnels, and he always has interesting and useful information on his site! Take a look at his Traffic Secrets

A ClickFunnels article provides this list of verbs to begin with when you are writing a Call to Action:

  • Get
  • Secure
  • Download
  • Continue
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Order
  • Start today
  • Find out
  • Discover
  • Earn
  • Unlock

A Semrush blog provided five types of Calls to Action including lead generation, form submission, read more button, product or service discovery, and event promotion. Read their blog for more information on each of these.

If you have a website, you can place a Call to Action in a prominent place on your Home Page. A Call to Action is a website button that a visitor can click to access the resources you are offering.

Let’s say you have a lead magnet on How to Build Your Email List. Your website button says How to Build Your Email List. When they click it, they go to a Landing Page. You want enough verbiage around the button to entice the website visitor to click on it, but make it clear, short, and to the point. It you can include any reviews or testimonials, it will help.

If you do not have a website, you could do a generic social media ad and include it there.

Nan’s quickstart S.O.A.R. formula:

S – Select a place for your Call to Action, preferably your website but it could be a Facebook generic ad, for example

O – Occupy the best spot on the page to attract attention to your Call to Action

A - Attract the right target audience by focusing on the best social media for this lead magnet

R – Reason out whether what you said would attract you enough to click on it

Take a look at the references in this blog to other blogs to learn, practice, and ACT!

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