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Ep. 225 - Mary Rounds is the managing partner of the LegalShield Division where she is an attorney in the general practice of law, with emphasis on adoption, family law, employment law, special education law, and business law. In this episode, Mary Rounds talks about employment and business law and how to be vigilant in protecting yourself as a business owner. Listen in to learn the importance of getting professional guidance to help you choose and protect yourself in the way you operate your business. You will also learn how to approach documentation in a way that clearly and respectfully communicates your expectations from your employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning how to find your sweet spot in a career instead of struggling where you don’t thrive
  • Why having an LLC is more advantageous than a general partnership or a sole proprietorship
  • How to be clear and careful when asking people to work overtime without pay
  • The importance of documentation to clearly communicate your standing as the employer

"When you put something in writing, it's for clarity. It is to help people to understand as much as possible, to be in the same space, and to understand each other. Documenting things gives you clarity."

"You can’t possibly write out solutions to every possible future situation.”

-Mary Round

In this episode you’ll discover:

Lynne shares her background in cybersecurity and goes on to introduce Mary Rounds [1:16]

Mary’s childhood background and how she became a lawyer as a later career [4:15]

How the pandemic has exposed workplace disruptions plus how to navigate them [8:51]

Seek professionals to help you choose the best way to operate a business [12:50]

The dangers of independent contract workers and how to approach it as an employer [18:12]

How to be vigilantly when asking for overtime to avoid trouble with the law [23:48]

How to protect client information when working remotely [27:14]

Protecting your business when an employee gets hurts outside of work when working remotely [30:07]

How to approach the legal sides of starting a cannabis business [33:39]

How to clearly and respectfully communicate your expectations to your employees [46:10]

Mary shares her top 3 takeaways and actions to take as a business owner [42:36]


Mary J. Rounds is a shareholder and managing partner of the LegalShield Division in the Riggs Abney's Tulsa office. Her areas of expertise include family law, employment law, and small business advice.

Mary earned her Juris Doctor from The University of Tulsa College of Law in 1982 and was Order of the Curule Chair. She received her graduate and undergraduate degrees from The University of Tulsa in Urban Studies in 1982 and 1979, respectively.

Mary is a member of the Tulsa County Bar Association and the Oklahoma Bar Association. She is admitted to practice law in the United States Supreme Court and the Northern, Western and Eastern Districts of Oklahoma. She is an adjunct professor at The University of Tulsa.


Lynne Hardin introduces Mary on Purse Power. Lynne is the Founder/President of Justice4All and a certified professional facilitator. Her company's focus is protecting individual and family identities.

She is also President and CEO of Integrated Solutions who has worked with a variety of companies and educational entities around the world, addressing trauma in children and adults to end the generational challenge of adverse childhood experiences.


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