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President of National Coalition of 100 Black Women

Ep. 226 - Elizabeth A. Jones - A respected leader with forty-five years of combined executive, nonprofit, and leadership experience, Elizabeth A Jones serves as the National President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW). In this role, her focus is on implementing core values that will push NCBW members to push themselves to excel beyond what they think they can achieve in service. In this episode, Elizabeth demonstrates how she is using her leadership position to empower women and make an impact in her community. Listen in to learn why more women need to run for political and corporate offices to advocate for the pay gap and bridge the gender bias. You will also learn how to be prepared, ambitious, determined, committed, and resilient to reach your goals and succeed as a female leader.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always look for growth and development opportunities as a leader to improve things for you and others
  • Why women need to put themselves first in all the economic decisions they make
  • Why more women need to run for political and corporate offices to advocate for the pay gap and gender bias
  • Learn to speak up for yourself, be committed, and be resilient to succeed as a woman leader
  • The importance of being prepared, having ambition, and knowing yourself to achieve your goals
  • How planning, prioritization, and support can help you balance your work and family
  • Embrace change, be a lifelong learner and understand that your journey is yours alone

"Life - It's not about waiting for the storm to pass . . . it's about learning to dance in the rain."

In this episode you’ll discover:

How Elizabeth joined the NCBW and rose in the ranks to become the national president [1:54]

The three major sectors/programs where they’re empowering women [8:18]

The history of the NCBW, how it expanded, and how to join [11:41]

Elizabeth’s passion in addressing racism, gender bias, and the pay gap as the NCBW leader [13:10]

The challenges she has faced pursuing leadership as a black woman in the room [14:27]

The freedom, education, and choice that women enjoy today more than in the 1960s [17:41]

The main lessons Elizabeth has learned through her career and leadership journey [19:19]

How to do short-term and long-term planning and prioritization to balance family and work [20:26]

How she has mastered training people to take care of the organization even in her absence [22:41]

Elizabeth’s childhood influences and the gift of leadership she’d like women to embrace [25:38]


Elizabeth Jones is the principal owner and CEO of Brown Jones & Dansby Financial Services Inc., a full-service accounting firm in Beachwood, Ohio. Before transitioning to
the private sector, she enjoyed over 20 years of executive leadership as Public Healthcare Administrator for The MetroHealth System, a nationally ranked nonprofit public health care system in Cleveland, Ohio. She served as the first Black female administrator during her tenure.


She served as the Ohio Coordinator for Education, Travel, and Culture Inc., a Foreign Student Exchange Program to increase understanding and tolerance of other
cultures through our youth. In addition, Elizabeth was honored when selected as a member of the American International Health Association (AIHA) Delegation traveling to the Slovakia Republic and surrounding areas to provide training to Community Health and Social Service

Elizabeth was elected National President at the 20th Biennial Conference on October 9, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. Elizabeth joined the NCBW Greater Cleveland Chapter, Cleveland, Ohio, in September 2009. During her tenure, she has successfully served at both the National and Local levels; as Chapter President for the Greater Cleveland Chapter; National Membership Committee
Chairperson; National Audit Committee Chairperson; Executive Board of Directors, Board of Directors; and National Third Vice President of Membership and Chapter Development.


Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Administration from Hiram College, a Master of Business
Administration, and Accounting Certification from Baldwin Wallace College.


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