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In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page or a squeeze page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a marketing promotion, marketing email, or online advertisement. Landing pages are used for lead generation.

The purpose of a landing page is to gather information from the visitor. The form will include their name and email address as a minimum. If you ask for too much, the user may decide not to fill in any of it. This information allows them access to your lead magnet. All you typically need is their first name and email address. However, you must include more language pertinent to the problem you are solving. What you are offering must be worth the person giving their email address to you.

The design of the landing page is important. The Lead Pages app provides very good templates. The landing page  Pexels has many high-quality pictures you can use at no cost.

A design template you could use would look like this:

Nan’s quickstart S.O.A.R. formula:

S – Secure the information by providing an enticing landing page language that addresses your target market’s pain point

O - Obvious words – focus on the words that will entice your target audience

A – Add pictures that relate to your audience and/or your lead magnet

R – Relate to the problem your audience has



The visitor who is now your lead can access the lead magnet or resource you offered and is subsequently placed on your mailing list. The Thank You page is an important page because it is the first place you can offer something to sell.

Your thank you page could offer a product at a low cost such as a recording of a webinar you did or another valuable piece such as a short course on a topic.

This is an example of a Thank You page.

Nan’s quickstart S.O.A.R. formula:

S – Source for your first contact with your right-fit client

O – Order page for your first-level sales promotion

A – Add revenue

R – Reach your targeted market by providing them what they want




Your last step in this process is to send them an email reply which is a conversation to demonstrate they made a good choice and is your beginning engagement with them.

Nan’s quickstart S.O.A.R. formula:

S – Send another email providing additional valuable information

O -Obtain a valuable lead for your future business

A – Apprise whether this methodology is reaching your outcome

R – Realize your objectives


This sequence works well if you are using a Landing Page to collect email addresses. It works like this:

  1. Opt-In (landing page)
  2. Thank You Page
  3. Confirmation Email

If you are going to go the next step and offer a product or service for purchase, you have a few more steps which I will discuss under Funnels.



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