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Ep. 228 - Elaina Zuker and Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell - If you’re struggling with goal setting and scaling your business as an entrepreneur, then this is your episode. Our guests explain a few simple strategies that will help you get started in your process of successful goal setting and low-budget business scaling. In this episode, Elaina explains the process of successful goal setting while Lynita explains the steps to a successful business scaling strategy. Listen in to learn the power of creative visualization and positive thinking in the process of making and accomplishing goals as a business owner. You will also learn about the five most important components of scaling a business without a large budget.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to forgive your past mistakes in business and let them go so you can move on
  • How to do creative visualization – see the future you desire before you can be it
  • The power of positive visualization in making your goals come to fruition
  • How to differentiate yourself as a leader who truly cares about your best people

"Just the act of writing down your dreams and goals ignites a very powerful dimension in your consciousness, it acts like a magnet.” – Elaina

“You don’t want to grow your expenses at the same rate that you’re growing your revenue because your income never increases.’- Lynita

In this episode you’ll discover:

Elaina explains the process of planting the seed of goal setting with forgiveness and visualization [2:02]

The characteristics of goals and the questions they should answer [13:19]

Understanding the idea of creative tension and the importance of having a success list [15:41]

The 5 major components of scaling a business without putting out a lot of money [18:28]

How to handle the non-compete non-disclosure clauses, relationships, and recommendations [31:07]

How to make your prospective clients ask questions while remaining positive [35:50]

How to realistically map out your 5-year goals as a business owner [40:40]

Lynita explains her strategy of building up a good client base and finding good people [45:35]


Elaina Zuker is a seasoned businesswoman, educator, author, consultant, and the founder of the Elaina Zuker Associates. She has held executive positions in publishing, higher education, communications, and addressed meetings and conferences in industry-government, and professional associations as a keynote speaker. Elaina has written five books: You x 2, Influence: The 7 Big  Secrets in 7 Little Minutes, How to Influence People and Win over Anyone, and A Swift Kick in the Can't's which can be purchased through her LinkedIn page.





Lynita Mitchell Blackwell is an intuitive business coach who leads her clients to live life on fire for the ultimate successful life with peace, joy, and fulfillment. She is the co-founder of The Jewell Jackson McCabe Emerging Leaders Institute. The organization helps women enhance their leadership skills. Points of Light is the world's largest organization dedicated to volunteerism.  The Points of Light mission is to inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. Lynita is President of the Douglas/Paulding County Chapter of the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers.



Donna Miller is the founder and CEO of Purse Power, Let's Share the Journey. Purse Power promotes women-led, women-owned businesses by providing a Google extension that allows everyone who visits your website to locate nearby businesses.

Let's Share the Journey holds calls at 10 AM Central every Friday to learn from national leaders to share expertise, ideas, and support. One week a month features Zoom Room networking. We support Donna's endeavor and have provided the speaker calls in a podcast format. Please join her on Friday mornings! You can register for the calls here.

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