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A Health and Nutrition Expert

Ep. 227 - Jayne Benkendorf is a certified health coach, author, speaker, and national marketing director at Juice Plus. She wrote and published five books focused on health and wellness over 30 years ago. She’s keen on educating adults and children on the value of health and how to attain better health. In this episode, Jayne explains how we can improve our health and wellness by eating good quality foods and the importance of self-care for entrepreneurs. Listen in to learn the importance of adopting an organic diet to provide your body with the necessary fuel you need to lead a healthy life. You will also learn how to approach starting a family or a general partnership business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start consuming organic plant foods and grass-finished animal products to preserve your health
  • Provide your body with the right tools to work for you by eating quality healthy foods
  • Never start a family or a partnership business if there’s existing friction between the involved parties
  • The importance of having a self-care routine as a busy entrepreneur

"We have to have good health to have wellness.” - Jayne Beckendorf

In this episode you’ll discover:


Jayne on how her personal wellness journey drove her to a health and wellness career [1:40]

She shares some of the major additives in our foods today and the harm they cause our bodies [2:48]

How she started with Juice Plus and was bought into their idea of healthy living [8:03]

She explains her role as the national marketing director at Juice Plus [12:28]

How to enhance your health and wellness by eating good healthy foods [14:27]

Jayne on her nutrition books of over 30 years, plus the process it took to publish books back then [16:29]

The operations on her family farm business that was started 100 years ago [20:23]

How she and her extended family stay close-knit and are able to manage the family business [23:10]

Jayne’s advice to entrepreneurs thinking of starting a family or a general partnership business [24:23]

The self-care routine that she’s adopted to stay healthy and well with her busy schedule [25:28]

Why her life mission is providing people with health and wellness information [27:14]


Jayne has two big jobs. She is the marketing and sales coordinator for BF Farms, a family operation focusing on grass-fed beef. She is also a National Marketing Director with Juice Plus+. In addition, she is the author of five books focused on health and wellness.

Jayne understands the significance that harmful additives and preservatives can have on good health. She is author of The Food Bible, a book that lists food products free of harmful additives and preservatives.

With more and more people turning to fast foods, Jayne realized the importance of getting healthful meals on the table quickly. She then wrote the 15 Minute Meals cookbook. This cookbook uses only whole foods as well as ingredients without harmful additives or preservatives.

With people not wanting to cook at all, Jayne then wrote The No-Cook Cookbook, No Pots and Pans to Scrub!

 For twelve years Jayne wrote “The Companion”, a health newsletter that promoted wellness and energy.

Over the years, Jayne has been a regular guest on talk radio as well as television. She travels nationally, conducting seminars on health and wellness.

Jayne also writes articles for a variety of newspapers and magazines, including youth and senior publications.

She is founder and owner of OSAAT®, a program that helps individuals and families make changes toward a healthy lifestyle, One Step At A Time.


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