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Are you dreaming of the many places in the world you could visit? Do you wish you could spend your days MAKING A DIFFERENCE instead of slogging it out until retirement?

Come ON - get off the dime and start building your future. Get your Second Act off the ground! Find out what it takes and build your Action Plan.

Don't wait to get so energized you want to jump out of bed in the morning and start your day with a new meaning! I feel that way every day. You can, too! You only get one time around this life. Make it count!

Or perhaps I should I say, “Hey, baby! Here’s Act 2!

Let’s make life easier with a financial safety net. Let’s be able to travel around the world and work from anywhere. Let’s start a side hustle until we are ready to jump into a business full-time.

Let’s make a difference in the world! Let’s follow our passion – not wait until it’s too late – for any reason. Our time is NOW!

But how do I get from here to there? What’s starting a business really like? What business would be just right for me?

This is your how-to-do-it guide to discover whether entrepreneurship might be right for you right now – and, if so, how to choose the right business for you!

AGENDA:  Choose Your Dream Lifestyle
Business for Women 50+ Course


Ep. 1 - Welcome
Ep. 2 - Love What You Do
Ep. 3 - Use Your Action Plan Workbook

Module 1. Pivot to Freedom, Flexibility and
Financial Independence
Ep. 1 – Who are we now?
Ep. 2 – Leave the corporate world
Ep. 3 – Make a difference in retirement
Ep. 4 – Advocate for yourself to succeed
Ep. 5 – Beat the imposter syndrome
Ep. 6 – Build the grit factor

Module 2. Explore Your Dreams
Ep. 1 – What do I want to be when I grow
Ep. 2 – What do I want out of life?
Ep. 3 – Am I running towards or away from
Ep. 4 – Am I cut out for entrepreneurship?
Ep. 5 – Monetizing my skills
Ep. 6 – Select your goals

Module 3. Choose the right business for you
Ep. 1 – Visualize yourself
Ep. 2 – Discover your
Ep. 3 – Online Business
Ep. 4 – Narrow it down
Ep. 5 – Match your strengths with your
business choices
Ep. 6 – Choose a business and set your goals

Module 4. Conclusion

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