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Are you dreaming of the many places in the world you could visit?

How many days of your working life did you wish that you could have a lifestyle business . . . working where and when you want, doing what you want?

Here's your chance to create an exciting, amazing future as you get your second-act dream career off the ground!

You can choose what you want to spend your days on and focus on MAKING A DIFFERENCE instead of slogging it out until retirement by starting with a side hustle.


You will be so energized and be jumping out of bed in the morning as you start your day with a new meaning! You only get one time around this life. Make it count!

Make your life easier with a financial safety net. Travel around the world and work from anywhere. Start a side hustle!

If you are ready to make a difference in the world and follow your passion, this is your opportunity!


I'm sure you have some questions - here are some of the common ones. But how do I get from here to there? What’s starting a business really like? What business would be just right for me?

In this easy-to-follow course, you'll discover all the ways entrepreneurship may be right for you right as you choose your dream lifestyle.


Secrets to Starting a Lifestyle Business Course


Ep. 1 - Welcome
Ep. 2 - Love What You Do
Ep. 3 - Use Your Action Plan Workbook

Module 1. Pivot to Freedom, Flexibility and
Financial Independence
Ep. 1 – Who are we now?
Ep. 2 – Leave the corporate world
Ep. 3 – Make a difference in retirement
Ep. 4 – Advocate for yourself to succeed
Ep. 5 – Beat the imposter syndrome
Ep. 6 – Build the grit factor

Module 2. Explore Your Dreams
Ep. 1 – What do I want to be when I grow
Ep. 2 – What do I want out of life?
Ep. 3 – Am I running towards or away from
Ep. 4 – Am I cut out for entrepreneurship?
Ep. 5 – Monetizing my skills
Ep. 6 – Select your goals

Module 3. Choose the Right Business for you
Ep. 1 – Visualize yourself
Ep. 2 – Discover your
Ep. 3 – Online Business
Ep. 4 – Narrow it down
Ep. 5 – Match your strengths with your
business choices
Ep. 6 – Choose a business and set your goals

Module 4. Conclusion

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