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Ep. 231 - Elle Travis is the founder and CEO of Caregivers of Mother Earth, a nonprofit on a mission to conduct education programs for youth to engender love and appreciation for mother earth. She’s been a pioneer for women since the mid-1970s and is now a pioneer in the world of alternative and energy healing. In this episode, Elle describes how her mom influenced her life today and how she has evolved in her journey as an entrepreneur and writer.  Listen in to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle and healing your energy to live a joyous life and run a successful business. You will also learn the importance of focusing on the commonalities rather than the difference in others to make it easier to collaborate as a business owner.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to overcome the fear of being rejected as a business owner
  • How to be more in tune with your body and start eating high vibrational food to nourish it
  • Start your business slow and learn to collaborate along the way to make things easier
  • The importance of the right timing and taking advantage of opportunities that show up in your journey

"Always be a lifelong learner; never stop learning." - Elle Travis

In this episode, you’ll discover:

Elle on the lessons she learned from her mom and how she influenced the person she became [1:13]

She describes her childhood adversities and how they overcame with courage and resilience [4:18]

How she landed a job traditionally held by men in the 70s and the challenges she faced [7:15]

How pursuing a healthy lifestyle led her to develop a passion for connecting youth with nature [11:53]

The importance of having a highly nutritious diet to stay healthy as a female entrepreneur [15:15]

How she’s rearranged her lifestyle to enable her to finance her business [16:45]

Tips for women thinking of starting a successful business in any industry [17:48]

Elle’s journey to writing children’s books and how she’s using that platform to make an impact [18:57]

The three valuable things she hopes you get from this interview [23:48]

The power of collaborating and healing your energy to live a joyous life [25:48]


Elle was outside from early morning until dusk, whether exploring the neighborhood woods or having playground adventures. As she grew, her fascination with words grew too. She enjoyed painting word pictures as one of her many creative outlets.

She had a knowing deep inside that one of her roles in life was as a pollinator to speak on behalf of Mother Earth. It came as no surprise in 2020 that an urgent message came to her from Spirit that she was holding ancient wisdom that needed to be shared with children in fun, fanciful stories! As she completed the four seasonal books, she realized they wanted to come to life.

Caregivers of Mother Earth (COME), a non-profit, was organized in July 2021, and beginning in the spring of 2022, children will begin attending educational programs to help them become Caregivers of Mother Earth. Elle’s big dream is to have children, businesses, and cities certified as Caregivers of Mother Earth. The wind is in her sails as she manifests a world where a cross-section of citizens COME together for good!

After leaving corporate life at 58, Spirit-led her into the world of alternative and energy healing modalities, opening her eyes to a realm previously felt but not personally experienced. Through her deep connection with nature, she was led to study Plant Spirit Medicine. She was a late bloomer but right on schedule with destiny.

Elle is currently an Executive Resume Coach for Right Management.


As a college graduate from Appalachian State University, she became a pioneer for women in business during the mid-70s and was hired into positions traditionally held by men. For example, she was the first female Zone Representative in the Carolinas for Ford Motor Company, a Vice President of Sales for Ceridian Corporation, and culminated her career as an Executive Director of Learning & Development for a 26,000-employee pharmaceutical research organization, Quintiles, before departing in 2012.

Elle acknowledges we live in extraordinary times, and everyone needs to awaken to what matters: we are all connected! She believes nature connects us as one, and her purpose is to share this message with the world.



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