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Kauai entertainment doesn't have to be expensive.

A day at the beach can be a lot of fun! Our family went surfing and boogie-boarding, getting knocked over by the waves and loving it!

Grandma stayed in the shade of the tree, away from the sun and wrote my blog on the computer on the one picnic table on the beach, sharing it with the lunch crowd.

The surf and boogie boards were for rent only two blocks from the beach. Afterwards we went to a restaurant we have been to many times, Calypso, which had calmari strips and yummy hamburgers.


We were lucky to have Randy, a super chef, cook our meals in the unit. We shopped at Costco and another grocery store when we first arrived and cooked almost every meal in the unit.

We did a lot of grilling at the two grills available on the property.

We are now on our last day here, and almost everything is gone!


Homework has to be on the agenda to keep up with school while she is away.

The exercise was collaborative, and my daughter loved having the time to spend with her!

We can't forget shopping. I'm the only one who bought a top, but the colors are spectacular!  Who can resist?

Molly and Randy went biking and hiking numerous times!

Randy worked out every day at the fitness club on the property.

We all read our books and magazines, and by reading this, you know what I did!




And if you are eight years old, what you want to do a lot is swim - and watch "a few" videos - and play Roblox.


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