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We haven't been to a luau in about 20 years and have they changed! The last one we went to was held outside and was quite small. The one we attended this time was an extravaganza!

If you come to Kauai, I suggest you attend the luau at Gaylord's which also has a fabulous restaurant, the Plantation House, and some great shops for another visit.

The little train ride, the Kauai Plantation Railway, is a 2.5-mile rail line that passes stands of original island crops like sugarcane and taro – the staple of ancient Hawaiians. You will also pass groves of mango, banana, papaya, pineapple, and then on to experimental plantings of longan, cashew, hybrid mango, noni, and atemoya. with a historical narration is optional, but shouldn't be missed! The conductor is a woman who farms fruits and vegetables on the property to supply the nearby restaurants with fresh produce.

This train was full, but most of the people had gone out to feed the wild pigs which really is the best part of the ride! Well out into the heart of the plantation you get to disembark to spend some time feeding the pigs, goats, sheep, and their friendly donkey Stiney.

Even after the train starts to pull away, the pigs chase it, hoping for another piece of bread! Kids love it!

A little time later after you arrive back at the station, you can walk a few steps to the luau. Prepare to be impressed! It is held in a very large room with a center stage.


Gaylord Luau - Click here to view

Luau Kalamaku acts out in song and dance a wonderful story that pays homage to the bravery of the ancient people who endured incredible hardships and, through their “inner fire of determination,” ultimately carried them to the new land, Hawaii.

The food was spectacular - unbelievably good for that big a crowd! My only caution is that the drinks are unlimited - and strong!


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