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Kauai is referred to as the Garden Island for a reason. Of all the islands, Kauai is the lushest of the greens! Kauai is less cosmopolitan, more laid back. And very beautiful!

As I said in an earlier blog, flying isn't so different today. Yes, you still have to wear a mask as of this post, but the seats are still filled with people. If you are lucky enough to have enough miles (or dollars!) to go First Class, you are served a meal and beverages. You have a pillow and blanket to keep you warm. It's worth saving your credit card miles for the experience!

We reserved our tickets months in advance, put on our masks and flew out.

We were able to visit with our son on a layover at the connection airport, so it made the trip even more special!

We have been to this island many times. We have stayed in several timeshares, but our favorite is Marriott's Kauai Lagoons.

Can you imagine a balcony where you can see a cruise ship go by?

Along with a very big balcony, the whole wall in the living room opens up. The birds have been very good to stay out on the balcony and not come into the unit which is surprising! Molly can feed them out of her hand!


We have a large living room and a dining room table big enough to eat on, do homework, and for me to work on.

Each with king-size beds, a kitchen, and a laundry room, two bedrooms complete the spacious unit. The only caution if you reserve here - and you can if it's available, even if you don't own Marriott Vacation Club points - is to get into Building A or B. A new building is under construction, which will somewhat impede your view in the other buildings. 


One of its best features is that the property is not gigantic. It has a small but very pretty pool that kids love to splash around in, two grills, and a hot tub.

The property overlooks a golf course and the ocean. It is in the middle of the island, near the airport, and you can see the planes landing from the balcony.

Kauai Lagoons is restful and beautiful and worth saving your Marriott credit card points for!





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