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The biggest question women over 55 have is “Will my retirement income sustain me?” If the answer to that is yes or at least probably, the second question is “Will I have enough money to do some of the things I have worked so hard to be able to do – like travel?” And then, “Can I travel in style in international business class and stay in some nice hotels?” So the bottom line is MONEY.

As you know if you read my blogs and look at my website, I think starting a business of some kind is one major way to add to your retirement income and qualify for some of the travel perks. The next question is “How do ensure I’ll have enough money to start a business?”

To address those questions, one of the major topics is venture capital. What is it all about? How do I even apply for it? What questions will they have? What documents do I have to produce?

We have some excellent resources on our website in the form of interviews with investors who focus on women-owned businesses. You’ll find out from them what accelerators, incubators, and venture groups are! Plus several of them have written books and have podcasts chocked full of information.

Here’s some great references – just click on their highlighted link.

Dr. Silvia Mah is a founding partner of Ad Astra Ventures, that aims to "get to even" for high achieving women. Focused on "Impact with Integrity", Silvia is the founder & Chairwoman of Stella Labs, an accelerator for women-owned businesses; founding member of Stella Angels, a female angel investment group; Investment Committee member of Next Wave Impact, a social impact venture fund; and an angel investor to over 40 startups who have diverse founders on the leadership team.

Read more about Silvia.


Francoise Lyon is President & Managing Partner of DGC Capital, a boutique advisory firm based in Montreal focusing on supporting & advising innovative tech founders, growth projects, family offices, and VC & PE funds looking to positively impact society.

Read more about Francoise



Kate Brodock is the CEO of Women 2.0 and Managing & General Partner of the W Fund. Kate Brodock has lived in the tech startup world for over fifteen years, and has played an active leadership role in the women in tech ecosystem for over a decade, having led a global, 60+ chapter organization focused on women in technology and  entrepreneurship as its President for several years.

Read more about Kate.


Brianna McDonald currently leads as President of the Northwest Region of the Keiretsu Forum angel investment community, the largest and most active venture investor globally, comprising over 50 chapters with over 2,500 active members investing over $75 million annually into over 180 companies. She has been an active leader and angel investor with Keiretsu Forum since its launch in Seattle in 2005 and supporting its growth to become the largest and most active group globally.

Read more about Brianna.


Valentina Vitols is an angel investor and an attorney. A native of Venezuela, she is a member of Pipeline Angels, Next Wave Ventures and Portfolia.  Valentina delights in and is excited to be able to make a serious business out of something good as an angel investor focused on supporting female entrepreneurs in the social impact space.

Read more about Valentina.


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