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First Woman to Begin Advertising Agency in South

Ep. 238 -Pat Lynch is the editor-in-chief of WomensRadio and Womens Radio Network, produced by Women's Online Media and Education Network (W.O.M.E.N.). In 1969 at the age of 25, Pat was the first woman to begin an advertising agency single-handedly in the South and had been listed twice in The World’s Who’s Who of Women and most recently in the International Who’s Who and Strathmore’s Who’s Who. In this episode, she talks about her early involvement in politics and government jobs before transitioning to entrepreneurship and nonprofit organizations. Listen in to learn how having the right mentor can transform your career or business to the next level. You will also learn why you shouldn’t allow failure to define your path and should instead use the lessons to grow.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of listening to your heart when starting a business to succeed
  • The power of having the right mentor to help you take your business to the next level
  • The benefits of networking in nonprofit boards for career development
  • Learn to rise after failure and allow it to act as a lesson to do better
  • The power of trusting yourself and being persistent in your career or business

"Fail faster it will help you along. And when you fail, give yourself a week, maybe two weeks outside. Then get back in the game and keep on working." - Pat Lynch

In this episode you’ll discover:

Pat on her early career in politics and how she went to start her own advertising agency in 1969 [2:11]

She explains the events that led to starting and growing her advertising agency at only 25 [10:58]

Why she followed her heart in starting a business and the challenges she experienced [15:06]

How business partnerships and mentorships helped accelerate her success [17:49]

How having the right mentors contributed to the success of Pat’s business [19:16]

Why she moved her agency to California plus how the internet transformed her business [20:40]

Pat on when and how she started Women’s Radio and their vision of amplifying women’s voices [25:23]

She describes the children’s party she organized in Atlanta as part of giving back [29:38]

The lessons she learned from the challenges she faced as a female entrepreneur [33:30]

Pat shares her career and personal plans that will work in her favor [37:43]


In 1969 at the age of 25, Pat Lynch, having already served as the Press Secretary for a U.S. Senator and Congressman, founded her first advertising agency in Atlanta, Georgia, which gained a reputation for introducing media, particularly radio and television, to industries, which had never considered using them to deliver their advertising messages. 

One such industry was real estate (both residential and commercial).  Her clients have included Turner Outdoor, Coco Cola, Miller Lite, Citizens Trust Company, LPGA, Pulte Builders, K&B, Ryland Homes, and a longer list of regional and national builders and developers, real estate investment trusts and banks, as well as local, regional and national political candidates, issues and referendums.

In 1996 in the Bay Area of California, Pat Lynch began the Women’s Online Media and Education Network. In 1998, other doors being slammed shut, she began, to “give women a greater voice!” WomensRadio® became the first site to stream for women and is possibly one of the longest continually streaming sites on the Web. The audience was, and is, filled with “women leaders,” women 40-65+, most of whom can be identified as “Cultural Creatives,” as defined by researcher Dr. Paul Ray.  In 2005, the company introduced a new audio production tool for the Web, AudioAcrobat®, which is now the state-of-the-art Web-based media tool for on-demand audio and video streaming and podcasting.  This service provides audio and/or video streaming in emails, documents, social media, and websites. 

Today, it is the tool of choice for thousands of users in some 150 countries and powers WomensRadio®.



While residing in California, she served on the boards of the Fresno, CA Court School PTA as President, Fresno Habitat for Humanity, and the Fresno Ballet where she helped to raise funds to produce the first new Nutcracker in over 20 years. In the Bay Area, she served as the Media Chair for the California Women’s Agenda, was a member of the Women’s Leadership Alliance of the Bay Area, the National Council of Women’s Organizations, and was on the Board of Directors of the Afghan Coalition and Afghan Women’s Association International.

Since then, she has served on the Board of Boardroom Bound ( and the National Women’s Political Caucus where she served as National Board Vice President of Communications.  In 2015, she helped Co-found Basin and Range Organics, the new Nevada-based, USDA Certifying Agency, and served as Secretary of that Board.  While located in Reno, she served for two years as Secretary for the Reno/Sparks NAACP, volunteered on the Mayor’s Operation Downtown, and was part of The Women’s March, OFA and other progressive organizations including the launch of Indivisible Reno.


Ms. Lynch attended Stuart Hall in Staunton, VA, and is an alumnus of The University of Tennessee, School of Journalism.


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