Comprehensive YouTube How-To Course is Ready! How to Be A YouTube Star!

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Video has become a popular medium!  But how do you break into it? What does it take to set up a channel and grow it to more than 1000 subscribers?

I had to slog through it, but now my TrailBlazers Impact Interviews channel has over its 1K threshold! It was not easy to follow the path through to even establish the channel.  I decided to put an end to that for people like me.

I put together a step-by-step guide that is different than the others out there. How? I don’t speed through it, assuming you found on the site what I was talking about and moving on so quickly that no one can follow – unless you’re under 40!

It’s easy to listen to. I added screen captures so you have an on-screen demonstration of every step. You can “rewind” it and watch it often. The course includes an Action Plan workbook that lays out the step-by-step and a special bonus of Video Templates!

Join me to find out how to set up your “persona”, what equipment to purchase, and how to become that star – on any topic you choose!

If you are at the “I don’t have time to do this” stage, I also have a consulting service where I can do it for you.  Just email me at and we can connect!




Module 1. Getting Started

Ep. 1 – Why Do You Want a YouTube Channel?

Ep. 2 – Establish Your Own Voice

Ep. 3 – Trust Me

Module 2. Setup

Ep. 1 – Set Up Your Channel

Ep. 2 – Settings

Ep. 3 – Customize Channel Setup

Module 3. Video Creation

Ep 1 – Equipment

Ep. 2 – Your Image

Ep 3 – Your Cheat Sheets

Ep 4 – Zoom

Ep 5 – Edit Video

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