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Ep. 243 - When it comes to being resilient and overcoming several adversities along the way, Robin Smith Roberson knows the journey all too well. She shares her story of resilience and how she overcomes each challenge to emerge a winner and an entrepreneur.

She is the managing director at North America for and the president of Livegenic, where her team is focused on providing claims engagement technology within the insurance industry. In this episode, Robin talks about her personal challenges and how they influenced her to become the entrepreneur she is today.

Listen in to learn the importance of having proof of business or a detailed business plan to present to investors and increase your chances of qualifying for funding. You will also learn how to show up as a female leader powerfully, confidently, and authentically in male-dominated scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

  • How practicing gratitude can help you get through tough times and maintain a positive mindset
  • How to maximize your time as an entrepreneur to build a successful business and have a life
  • How to increase your chances of getting funded by presenting proof of business to investors
  • The importance of having the confidence to just go for it and start to avoid regret
  • How to powerfully, confidently, and authentically show up around men as a female leader
  • The importance of having consistent deep belly breaths for better physical and mental clarity

"Don’t be afraid to be aggressive, the worst thing they can do is think you’re crazy or say no and what does that matter.”- Robin Smith

In this episode you will learn:

Robin shares her personal and career journey and how she ended up in tech [1:59]

How her sad childhood taught her resilience to navigate life and career challenges [5:37]

How Robin uses gratitude to get through tough times like loss and breast cancer [9:21]

How the life challenges she’s experienced have helped cement her as an entrepreneur [12:32]

She explains how she pivoted to start her business and how that impacted her life [14:58]

Robin on how she managed to be a single mother while building a successful business [19:57]

How she secured funding by having a business plan and proof of business to convince investors [21:47]

The top things she has learned as an entrepreneur and leader in her business [25:23]

How to confidently and authentically show up as a female leader around men [29:54]

The opportunities that exist post-pandemic and how we can take advantage of them [35:12]

Why you should be unafraid and just go for it if there’s a board you want to be part of [39:31]

Ensure you take care of yourself, spend time with quality people, and be more intentional [44:24]

The importance of having a support group and doing simple things to refill your energy [46:00]

How to scale your business by being intentional about delegation of small time-consuming tasks [47:50]


Robin Roberson was appointed Managing Director for North America, Wilbur and President of Livegenic in July, 2020.

Most recently, Robin was President and co-founder of Goose & Gander, a boutique consulting firm focused on technology solutions, cyber security and insurance technology.

Prior to that, she was co-founder and CEO of WeGoLook, where she changed the way insurance carriers (along with other industries) leveraged the gig economy, by dispatching “Lookers” on-demand to capture field data and then selling her company to a global TPA.

Robin has more than 25 years of experience working with clients to develop solutions to improve their business.

Robin provides agnostic connectivity to tolls and services that elevate and expand claims servicing operations within the ClaimLogik open marketplace. They effectively democratize access to the best technology and service providers in the market and empower customers to build solutions that fit the unique demands of their individual operations.

She facilitates the combination of technology and services to deliver solutions that meet rapidly evolving policyholder expectations and improve claim handling efficiency.

From virtual inspections at the time of loss to managed repair programs, their marketplace provides the building blocks needed to improve technology and service accessibility for claims organizations of all sizes.

She has held numerous leadership roles throughout her career and has won multiple awards highlighting her commitment to customers, business organizations and her community.






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