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The S.O.A.R. Launch and Grow Plan

The four steps in the SOAR Launch and Grow Plan for successful entrepreneurship are:

    • Select your goals, define your interests, and choose a business for S.O.A.R. Success
    • Organize your launch to be successful and filled with joy
    • Acquire customers with similar missions and visions
    • Realize your destiny as you multiply your impact and income

SECTION I. Select Your Goals, Define Your Interests, and Choose a Business

  1. Realize your Creativity, Recognition, and Freedom
  2. Gain a Positive Entrepreneurial Mindset
  3. Visualize a Business that Drives your Passion, Purpose and Profit
  4. Explore and choose your business
  5. Set your Goals

SECTION II. Organize Your Launch to Be Successful and Filled with Joy

  1. Create a Legal Framework for Business Operation
  2. Document a Leadership Framework to Guide Decision Making
  3. Design Your Systems to Complete Your Leadership Framework
  4. Research Startup Capital Options
  5. Establish Financial Systems for Business Stability
  6. Create an Online Business

SECTION III. Acquire Customers with Similar Missions and Visions

  1. Develop a Sensational Marketing Plan with a Customer Focus
  2. Exploding the Growth Myth by Clare Price
  3. Why Your Business Needs to Pay Attention to Chatbot Marketing by Dorothy Vernon-Brown
  4. Build Your Audience with a Strong Customer Base

SECTION IV. Realize Your Destiny as You Multiply Your Impact and Income

  1. Create your Support System to Promote Your Business
  2. Care for your Mental and Physical Health to Guide You to Productivity
  3. Celebrate and Enjoy your New Lifestyle


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#4 in Self-Help (Canada)

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Amazon Customer
Cydney Jones
This book helped me make the decision to be my own boss! Gold in the Golden years was filled with real-life experiences and easy-to-understand tips on starting your business. The many women who share their stories are inspiring as well. Great read!
Roy Ziegler

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