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What kind of online business interests you? How does this match with your qualifications? Will you need certifications or equipment?

In the links below, you will find several ways to find jobs you can do online and remotely! Now is the time to turn those creative interests and skills into a successful business!

Women over 50 want to own the passion they feel bubbling up inside. Women want financial independence and the freedom and flexibility to forge their path through their life's journey.

Visualize yourself in your new business with a cup of your favorite beverage beside your computer with few interruptions. You are in control of your world.

The concept of business is broader than previously defined. In the past, we had one model of entrepreneurship which was to work hard to attain and maintain profitability and get to the business to the point of selling the business or handing the business off to your children.

We have a new model of entrepreneurship, lifestyle entrepreneurship, which intrigued the Millennials and is now spreading to the Gen X’s and even the baby boomers.

The purpose of a business is to solve a problem, a pain point, and get paid to do it.

You already have skills to help people solve problems. You have been demonstrating your skills daily in your 9 to 5 job. Rather than finding a new business, why not use one of your existing skills?

If you have been in company management, you have utilized many leadership skills. What skills are your top skills? Giving presentations? Establishing goals and objectives? Planning job assignments? Problem solving?

We are going to focus on online businesses because of the great flexibility that the online business gives you as you're doing the work that you really enjoy. An online business is one of the fastest businesses to launch with the lowest risk.


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