When I’m Grown I Will Never Wear Socks | Susan Rolle


When I am grown, I will never wear socks.

I will sleep late every morning and go to bed only when it feels like Bedtime.

For my birthday I will eat only chocolate cake with fudge frosting. There will be ice cream for dessert with every meal because I will never get fat.

Whenever I want to go to the zoo, I will jump into the car and go immediately and stay as long as I want. I will always have tickets to circuses and ice shows.

At the movies I will throw popcorn and overeat junk food.

I will give policemen cans of cold soda pop on hot days.

I will buy soft garments made of denim in shades of green and blue and brown like watercolors. I will buy underwear with ruffles and lace and seed pearls made of anything but cotton.

I will be as tall as I want to be when I'm grown, with just the comfortable amount of hair and no more. I will never wear ribbons in my hair. Not ever!

I will dance to loud music in the middle of the day and jump on every bed in my house.

My house will be full of flowers and candy and books on Important Matters. Sometimes I will read those books, but only when I want to.

I will not own a vacuum cleaner.

There will always be cats and dogs living with me, and they will have the Run of the House.

In my yard, there will be a playground and all my grown-up friends will come to visit and play in my playground. They will go home when I tell them to.

Being grown up will be wonderful!

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