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Bergen, Norway is a big enough city to have an airport, a train station, a tram from the city center to the airport, a park, hotels, and a hop on/off bus. Traveling around Bergen is pretty easy and not nearly as expensive as Iceland.

We flew into Bergen, Norway and stayed at the Marriott Moxy Hotel. These hotels are a scaled down version of Marriott, but work well and are less points than the other Marriotts in Europe. You have a comfortable bed and a bathroom equipped with a shower which is about all you need if you are traveling light.

The Moxy hotel had an interesting statute on its patio and the hotel was on water. One of the best things about this Moxy was its proximity to the tram which runs from the city center to the airport with many stops in between. We were about 2 blocks from the tram, and we felt safe walking back and forth. Taxis are expensive, and Uber and Lyft are not present, so the tram is usually your best bet.

It was a short walk to the tram with a bridge overlooking the water.

We were traveling very light because our suitcases took over 5 days to arrive, longer than our stay. When you arrive, you check in at the bar. There is no guest check-in desk like other Marriotts. You can order meals, but the menu is limited. The main public area of the hotel is the bar and dining room area. The staff is usually young and friendly, and every staff person tries to help you with whatever you need.

We traveled to the city center, the last stop on the tram, which ended in a square park with some odd crow-looking birds.

We sat and people-watched for awhile to get our bearings. We saw shops around the square park and spotted a bakery on the other side of the park.

We had a cappuccino and a cucumber sandwich. When we went back to the hotel, we chatted with a woman at the bar about the bakery which all the locals go to. The exchange rate is about 10:1.

While at the city center, we saw the Hop On/Hop Off bus go by. We always take these buses in a new city to give an overview of what you want to concentrate on and how far it may be from one place to another. And you see the interesting sites of the city at a quick pace.

We saw the bus stop at the cruise terminal here, although we are taking our cruise out of Reykjavik.

Interestingly enough, everyone takes credit cards, so there is no need to exchange your money. The tram, the taxis, and restaurants, the bus – everything takes credit cards. It's easy to get around.

Our next adventure in Norway is to take the train from Bergen to Flam, one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

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