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Ep. 253 - Jeremy Solomons is a Kigali-based, independent consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer, and writer with a Global South perspective. He helps current and future leaders to connect and communicate effectively across all cultures with professional training. In this episode, he explains how he became a gender equity ally and the progress of Rwanda in the human rights and gender equity sectors.

Listen in to learn the importance of men partnering with women to advocate for gender equity in order to make significant progress. You will also learn the power of getting people to engage in safe and authentic conversations on gender issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use your privilege/power as a man to advocate for gender equity and balance
  • The courage men will need to get involved and address issues affecting women in the workplace
  • The power of getting people to engage in safe and authentic conversations on gender issues
  • Find the champions interested in sponsoring or advocating for women’s issues
  • Make an effort to engage with men who might not be open to a different way of doing things

"Whatever the minority or underrepresented group is, they can’t do it on their own.”- Jeremy Solomons 

In this episode you will learn:

Jeremy on his love for experiencing different cultures plus finding a home in Rwanda [2:00]

His relationship with women in his life plus the peace and equity lessons to learn from Rwanda [4:37]

The importance of involving men and people in power in enabling great gender equity [13:20]

The positive impact of advocating for gender equity and balance as a man with privilege [19:04]

The early gender equity education parents can offer both boys and girls [26:05]

Understanding why many men feel nervous around women issues at the workplace [30:12]

How we can have safe conversations around gender issues to break the equality barriers [40:57]

Lessons the world can draw from Rwanda on how they dealt with the pandemic [46:35]

The steps to take to engage men in gender conversations and women issues [50:13]


Jeremy is a Rwanda-based, independent consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer, and writer, with a Global South perspective.

As the world has changed over the last 2-1/2 years, he has been working with current and future leaders around the world.

Jeremy helps current and future leaders to connect and communicate effectively across all cultures – geographical, organizational, professional, and individual. From Jeremy’s twin bases in Austin, Texas, and Kigali, Rwanda, he coaches, consults, designs curriculum, facilitates, and trains in the area of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Calling Out and In; Constructive Conversations; Cultural Excellence; Diverse and Dispersed Teams; Everyday Inclusion on the Frontline; Gender Equity; Inclusive Leadership; Overcoming Bias; Racial Equity; Standing Up; and Working Competently across Difference.

Jeremy has consulted on Global DEI strategy and co-designed and -facilitated many coaching and interactive training sessions for many different leaders and organizations around the world, including 3M, ABBYY, Bocconi University; BorgWarner, Caritas, Daimler Trucks, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Economist Group, EY, Freescale, Mercer, Novartis, Robert Bosch, Royal Dutch Shell, Motorola, Sodexo, UNDP, University of Texas (Austin), World Bank and World Food Program.

In April 2019, he co-organized and -facilitated the first African Diversity and Inclusion Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, co-sponsored by the UN and World Bank.
He has also been a contributing expert panelist for the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks since 2006; he attended the DEI Futures conference in April 2018, and he has served as the co-chair of the Global Committee of the Inclusion Allies Coalition.

In the past, Jeremy managed a diverse staff and worked with clients and colleagues from all over the globe, while employed as a full-time Banker, Educator, and Journalist in six multinational institutions: Citibank, JP Morgan, Lloyds Bank International, Reuters News Agency, United Press International and the World Bank.

Rwanda is the ninth country that he has lived, studied, and/or worked in for an extended period. The others are: France, Germany, Hong Kong (and China), Israel, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, and his native UK. He has also traveled and done business in 40+ nations in Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, and throughout Europe.
Born and raised in Manchester, England of Jewish, Lebanese, and Persian heritage,


Jeremy holds MA Oxon and BA Honors degrees in French from the University of Oxford (Brasenose College).




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