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Ep. 258 - Do you have an estate plan and a contingency plan in place? Mary Beth Simon is a contingency plan guide who will help us understand the benefits of having both an estate and a contingency plan in place before any life storm.

Mary Beth Simón is a speaker, contingency plan guide, strategic planner, and the founder of NPC. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals create contingency plans and strategies at the best time - when life is good.

She explains the importance of every adult having some version of an estate plan and a contingency plan in place. Listen in to learn the most important steps to focus on when getting started with contingency planning.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify your second in command – someone you trust to give your power of attorney
  • How to create an online or physical password management system
  • Have a current estate plan in place and be intentional in updating the documents
  • Get to work with a cheerleader to help you see the value you bring as a woman over 60
  • Be patient, open, and flexible to start noticing traction in your business as a new entrepreneur

"Every human over eighteen needs to have some version of their estate plan in place.”- Mary Beth

In this episode you will learn:

The difference between an estate plan and a contingency plan and the value of both [1:36]

The most common contingency planning scenarios that Mary Beth deals with [4:06]

The three most important steps to focus on when getting started with contingency planning [5:14]

She explains the beneficiary process plus how she works with her clients’ beneficiaries [8:26]

How retiring women can start businesses based on solutions to already existing problems [10:28]

The two main challenges that women over the age of 60 are facing today [13:43]

She describes the most memorable conversation on her podcast centered around mental health [17:22]

How to turn our struggles into a strength by becoming more aware of our motivations and skills [18:55]

She explains why she utilizes LinkedIn Live to broadcast plus the benefits of the platform [20:57]

Mary Beth’s advice to women planning to start businesses and grow their leads [25:45]


As CEO of Niche Partnership Consulting, an organization dedicated to professional, family, and business owner preparedness for the unexpected, Mary Beth Simón is committed to minimizing struggle during challenging times.

With 30+ years of experience at the prestigious Vanguard organization, Mary Beth brings her enterprise program management skills to her clients.

Today, professionals, families, and small business owners from various disciplines hire Mary Beth to guide them in creating sound contingency plans, preparing them and their second-in-command for an extended vacation or the unexpected.

She is an engaging and sought-after speaker who shares personal and business contingency planning strategies through illuminating keynotes and life-changing workshops.

She believes that the combination of continuous learning, growth, and change is the fountain of youth and became a certified Les Mills BodyFlow instructor at age 55.

In her free time, Mary Beth is a rescue dog mom and active in her local business community.


Mary Beth serves on the Board of the American Business Women’s Association – Penn Square Chapter in Lancaster, PA, and as a Subject Matter Expert with SCORE, Chester, and Delaware Counties in PA.





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